What is Reiki Sharing?

Reiki Sharing provides ongoing support for Reiki Students.

Please note: Reiki Sharings are only open to those who have attained Reiki I or a higher degree. Find out more about Reiki Training here.

Reiki students (whether they have trained with me or not) can have the benefit of ongoing support following learning Reiki I or Reiki II by attending Reiki Sharings which are currently held four times per year.

A Reiki Sharing is a powerful group practice in which everyone works in teams to give Reiki to each participant in short, highly concentrated sessions. The result is a full Reiki session in around 15-20minutes! Everyone gets a chance to be on the receiving end (including me!).

These sharings not only provide a good healing boost for each attendee but also enable some useful Reiki practice for those students who don’t find much opportunity to give Reiki to friends and/or family.

Reiki Sharings are held on a Sunday afternoon and are always prefaced with time for questions about Reiki, revision and sharing experiences.