Training testimonials

“Excellently presented Course in a lovely setting and ambience. It was a fantastic experience and I feel I have learnt so much! Doing the Reiki 1 Course has been a wonderful addition to my life – learning lots of new things and having totally new, life-enhancing experiences” Teresa

“This Reiki 1 Course was very well presented, very thorough but not over-loaded or too jam-packed. 10/10! It’s been a wonderful experience which I feel quite blessed to have had. I feel it will be of great help to myself and loved ones. I feel comfortable and confident to continue practising Reiki on myself and possibly friends and family” – Niomi Daley

“It was really comprehensive, simple, interesting and clearly presented.I feel (Reiki 1) has really opened up an area of creativity and fun for me. I loved doing the practice because it helped me focus” – Elaine, NW

“This well-presented course was not only very comprehensive – it was a revelation! An exciting start to a new journey. I really enjoyed the balance of course content and practical work” – Ros Burrett, SW18.

“The Reiki 1 Course was brilliant and I had a wonderful time doing it! It’s been amazing having this beautiful experience this weekend. Thank you. I can’t wait to further develop. I know it’s going to be very useful and help me. It’s been a very deep, meaningful and calming experience” – Ruby Kobayashi

“I wanted to write and thank you so much for bringing me to Reiki I. The weekend was a marvelous experience, and since then I have found myself far calmer, happier, and more balanced. (My hands are warmer, too, which is a nice bonus in this cold weather!) Reiki is a wonderful gift, which I felt privileged to receive in such a  powerful and supportive environment. Through your teaching and the extensive opportunities to practice, I feel very confident about the process of giving treatments to myself and (in time) other people, and from your wisdom and insights into Reiki, I drew a lot of sound advice about how to process the insights and inner developments that  it can bring.’  Catherine L, Croydon, Surrey

“I feel extremely privileged to be able to give myself and others the most loving and nurturing experience possible. (The whole weekend) has been enlightening and refreshing.” M Stephens, UB6

A few weeks ago I could not have possibly imagined feeling as well as I do today.  I know you will say that I have Reiki to thank for that, and while that’s true, none of it would
have happened had I not found a kindly face to ease my entrance. I was at an extremely low ebb when I first came to see you. I would have been desperate to contemplate such a move – totally unlike anything I’ve done before and it would have taken very little to scare me off, plunging me back into misery and depression.

‘The difference now is wonderful. I can deal with it all without bitterness or self-hatred. Today I walked in the park and placed my hands on a horse chestnut tree – a little self conscious maybe, but what a change. Thanks Sally. A thousand times thanks.’
Robert, London E15

‘The Reiki 1 weekend was great! Very clear and entertaining, too! There was more practice and information than I expected and it was given at a perfect pace. Well done Sally!’ Lilou Mace, London NW8

‘It was a really good course and Sally made it very relaxed and informative.’ Lisa G, W5

‘An excellent course! Plenty of encouragement and clear explanations and lots of opportunity to practice.’ CP, NW6

‘Competent, comprehensive, professional and conducted with warmth.’ Miss C Jones

‘Sally has a way of making the course so easy to follow and fun! I can’t wait to do the next level!’ Sonia Thomas, NW6

‘A thoroughly refreshing and energising two days. I particularly love the Reiki symbol use and the new methods I now have of sharing Reiki with others.’ M Stephens, Greenford

‘It was the best weekend and a very warm experience…..There was a sense of peace within and an uplift in mood after every session. May God bless my master Sally and those around me whom brought me to finding Reiki.’ Ragini P Depala, London HA3

I just wanted to say thank you for a lovely Reiki weekend.  I really enjoyed it and am
using it every day.  I feel much more relaxed already!’ LC – Morden, Surrey

‘I’m very glad I chose to do my Reiki II with Sally. She is an excellent teacher.’
Sonia Thomas

‘I wanted to say how much I enjoyed our Reiki I weekend. It was very special to me and
will continue to be. Thank you for making it a truly wonderful weekend.’
Claire B, London W9

‘There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere with thorough and clear communication. Very supportive. A lovely weekend filled with Reiki healing. Thank you Sally!’ Effie Tsaggarides Petras

‘THANK YOU, for the wonderful weekend I experienced last  week. I had such a fantastic time – something I will never forget.’ Selina H, Crawley, Sussex

‘I thought I would write to you to thank you for guiding us all through Reiki I. I felt that you presented everything clearly and straightforwardly, gave us all very useful advice and looked after us all well through a very novel experience. I also greatly appreciated your commitment to performing your duties as a Master with integrity. The whole weekend was certainly an eye-opener for me, and I feel I have come yet further over the past three
weeks. …Reiki is helping to calm me down and give me more energy. Thanks again for all your help.’ FS, London N6

‘The Reiki II course was a very interesting and mind-expanding. Sally took great care to make sure we understood everything before moving on. I felt safe, secure and comfortable.’ Lisa, W5

‘I am very grateful indeed for a wonderful Reiki I weekend. It was fascinating and
thoroughly enjoyable. I feel lucky to have been initiated into the beginner’s path in Reiki.   It was a pleasure to be taught by you; you teach with such clarity and compassion.’
Anna Sedgewick, Devon

“The Reiki 1 Course was extremely well explained and very easy to understand. All my questions were answered clearly in a manner I could understand. It means I can now give myself healing from an energy source and also be able to share the things I have been taught with others” – M Forde, London

“A lovely, relaxed weekend. I feel very at peace with myself.” – S Conarty, HA8

“Since I did my Reiki 1, I’ve been feeling about 17 yeas old. I don’t know what’s happened to me! I’m swimming, and doing yoga and Reiki and drinking fresh juice everyday. I feel wonderful and really took on what you said about positive thinking, and although work is terrifying right now, I’m hanging in there and looking forward. I’m so very happy I met you Sally”. – K Dean, NW6

“I would thoroughly recommend Sally’s Reiki 1 weekend as in my opinion it is exceptionally good value for money. Sally has obviously spent many years studying her subject unlike other so-called ‘gurus’ I have encountered. She has a deep knowledge of what she teaches and is very down to earth. For the amount of knowledge and experience that she has, this is really worth doing.” Nicola

“I wanted to express my gratitude for the (Reiki 1) weekend. I feel extremely privileged to have been part of the group yesterday and feel as if another beautiful dimension has been added to my life”. Anya

“I am so thankful to have received the Reiki 1 training. The beauty of being in a position to be given ways to heal the self and others is something I’d happily recommend to anyone I meet. I don’t know how I managed before!” Anna Sedgewick

“I feel it was responsible for a spiritual wakening and has enabled me to heal myself of headaches, period pains and a pulled muscle”. Holly Nicholson

“A wonderful weekend course which allows you to give Reiki healing to yourself and other close family members or friends.” FWK, London NW8

“Everything was fully explained and shown to me in great detail. It was a very relaxed weekend and I now feel very confident to give Reiki – especially the distant healing. Reiki 2 is a wonderful gift. I’m forever grateful” – S Conarty, HA8

“Reiki 2 has given me the invaluable capacity to provide healing support for those whom previously, because of distance, I could only pray for”. Holly Nicolson

“The Reiki 2 training was an excellent course which more than matched up to my expectations! I was given total support during the weeken on all levels”. Toyin, NW2

“This Reiki 2 Course exceeded any expectations I had.  It was an amazing weekend and I’m energised and excited about what I’ve learnt.  This is a truly exceptional Course.  Wonderful, measured, perceptive teaching from Sally.  I would thoroughly recommend it!” Teresa

“We were given lots of info as well as 100% support and encouragement, and it definitely helped with confidence.  I am very excited about going forward now with my new-found skills and practicing!” N Daley