Workshop testimonials

“I found this workshop inspiring. It’s helped me to understand more about the Chakras. I loved the inter-active nature of the course and working together. Would definitely recommend it to my friends” – Chloe Michaels

“This was a very clear and informative course. The handout is a book – so full of information! Sally gives so much guidance ad help. The workshop has clarified my understanding of the Chakras and their links with health, etc. I particularly enjoyed having my Chakras cleared and doing the guided meditation” – Marie, Guildford

“Very interesting explanation of the Chakras with excellent written back-up. I enjoyed practicing and hearing other people’s feedback on how the balancing felt and what it meant for them” – Erica, North London

“A well-presented and clearly defined workshop” – VP

“Doing this course was a reminder of the vital side of life we need for balancing. I liked EVERYTHING about it and wish I had like-minded friends who I could recommend it to” – CL, London

“A fantastic day and a perfect complement to the Reiki teaching.” SR, London

“Incredibly useful and fabulously presented…..the practical session of clearing the Chakras was quite incredible.” MS, London

“I definitely learnt new things to take away with me. I liked the relaxed and warm environment which promotes a great way to learn. Presentation was easy to understand and well explained. The mixture of theory learning and practical combined was great.” KE, London

“A very well presented introduction… The thing I liked most about it was the clear way in which you presented a potentially complex subject and made it clear that it is not difficult to take the information away and start practising at home. Thank you so much!”
LH, Cambridge

“Very clear explanations and notes. Very informative and interesting. Nice mix of theory and practical experience.” PB, Weybridge

“Sally presented the concepts and practical components clearly, plus it was relaxing and enjoyable.” BB, London

“I just wanted to say thank you for the Chakra Workshop on Sunday. It was a very enjoyable and illuminating day – especially the Chakra balancing in the afternoon.”
CL, Croydon

“Sally is very clear and talented at putting the concepts across in a simple way. The course content was well-balanced – a good overview and a good mix of tuition vs practical. I don’t think it could be improved. It was a fascinating day with the result of complete relaxation and acquisition of new skills” – Jane Farrell, London

“A very clear and well-paced course. And illuminating! It brought the concept of the Chakras into an actual experience, full of practical and down to earth exercises which made me really understand how I can help myself and others when going through difficulties in life.” – Amanda Goldman, NW6

“An excellent and well thought out course. Sally is a great teacher! An eye-opener to how stuck energy can affect our health and well-being” – Toyin, NW London

“Everything was explained and demonstrated well. It helped me to achieve inner peace with myself and to help others find that too. I found the whole experience amazing and feeling the different energies (of the Chakras) was great.” – Sharon Conarty, HA8