EFT testimonials


“Fantastic training which exceeded my expectations! I loved ‘The Gift’ aspect of working in this modality and working with the others on the Course. Would definitely recommend it to my friends” – Toyin Ligali, NW2

“I thought it was extremely empowering as a quick fix energiser and a day-to-day uplifter. Many revelations came to me during the tapping sequences. The energy transfer was quick and inspiring. I’d definitely recommend it” – Niomi Daley to my friends –

“It’s wonderful to know I really can manage difficult feelings when they come up. It’s a great way of feeling my energy and experiencing it changing for the better. I really liked having the time to practice, hearing from the others and sharing the process. Recommended” – Erica, North London

“The Course was interesting and enjoyable. I enjoyed the working in pairs and the final section on ‘The Gift’. Would recommend it”  – Anne Ballard, London N8

“I feel this technique has given me some stepping stones to simplifying my approach to solving things. I particularly liked the discussion about energy flow. I also enjoyed working with the other participants, and found it very uplifting, very calming and very empowering. What a magical day! You are a super teacher! Thank you!!” – Elaine NW6

“This was a fascinating course and I now feel that I have another tool to (help me) deal with things that have blocked aspects of my day-to-day life and my spiritual progress” – TN

“This was a well-presented course on a clear and useful self-help tool which was taught well.” – Susanne Levy

“I found this course very interesting as it’s a useful tool to have. I found it helped me to open up and think it’s a technique I can use in both my work and personal life. It was taught at a good pace and it was good to be in a small group of supportive and like-minded people which helped us to learn from each other. Sally made it simple and easy to understand.” – Lisa, London W5


“I just wanted to say thank you very much for your support and belief during a time that was very challenging for me.  I was so fragile and vulnerable when I first came to you and I deeply appreciate your warm compassion and care.  What touched me and stayed with me was just how much you believed in me and the way you supported me right to the end.  This was a blessing and I thank you for being this way.  It was and is a gift to my soul.” Miss Singh – London

I feel so liberated after our session last week.  I managed to empathise with antagonisers at work and identify their behaviour was born from insecurity/low self-esteem and a desire to be loved and valued.  I wrote to my ex-boss and wished her well – something I couldn’t have imagined doing earlier in the week!” – Kathleen, Worcester Park

“I just want to say THANK YOU for helping me over the last few months. The EFT definitely helped me work through some of the difficult issues I’ve been dealing with. I see you as amazingly compassionate and healing and I really feel you have helped me move forward. I have a lot of respect for you.” – Sonal, London NW6

“I never thought I could let go of the anger and resentment I felt towards my mother.  EFT has changed my life!” – ES, London

EFT London NW6“It’s amazing to find that anxieties you have had for years just disappeared and all through using a simple technique that is easy to learn and practice.  Working with you made it much easier to isolate my real areas of concern, and I shall definitely be continuing to use EFT in the future.” – FOS, London

“The tapping is really working and seems to be having an immediate effect. I’m really grateful.” – AB, SW18

“As far as my mouse phobia is concerned, I feel back to normal and was quite blissful after the last session. I now feel quite comfortable in the house and don’t keep checking for droppings any more. That tapping sequence you gave me to help me get to sleep was wonderful! Thank you so much.” – HF, NW3

“It’s been the most amazing and enlightening experience and I’ve greatly enjoyed working with you. Thank you so much!” Emma, N11

“Regarding the sessions we did on my fear of flying : I was slightly nervous  before the outbound journey and did the EFT procedures you taught me, which seemed to calm me down. Going back was a similar experience. Overall, both flights were quite pleasurable – on a scale of 0-10, probably an 8!! All I can say is thank you so much. It seemed to work a treat!” Emile H, NW3

“EFT with Sally was truly incredible. She made me feel o at ease throughout. And after the four sessions that I had, I felt so empowered, balanced and at ease. It’s definitely had a wonderful effect on my life! Thank you Sally!” – SA

“Thank you so much for all your help with our recent sessions. I feel so much better and I have found your work truly inspiring.” Jane, NW6


“This course exceeded my expectations and opened up a cornucopia of possibilities. It gave me a much broader overview of how to use EFT. Excellent! So glad I came! It was like coming out of the darkness into the light!” – Jane Farrell, London

“This was an excellent Course, clearly explained and demonstrated. Sally is an excellent teacher” – TN

“The support and attention was great and it was really beneficial to be in a small group. I really enjoyed the course. There was a lot more information than I’d imagined which was brilliant to learn. I now have a much better understanding of EFT and feel confident about using it on myself – hopefully regularly” – K Dean, London

“Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to others” – Wilma, W2

“Excellent presentation – clear and precise – at just the level I needed. Good support and practical. Many thanks for making it so enjoyable” – Rob, SE15

“I really liked it. Not too much info thrown at you and lots of practical work. A good mix” – Marja van Dommelen – Hurstpierpoint

“Very interesting. I like that it has a very practical application to help with both the everyday difficulties through to deep-seated trauma. Am excited about applying it to certain issues” – Abby Thomas – London

“Fantastic! I have learnt a new skill and have begun to deal with issues that have been holding me back in life” – M McIlvenny, East Sussex

“Extremely interesting and practical and taught with a light touch. It exceeded my expectations, I learnt lots and also tackled one important issue. Enlightening and enlivening”. – PDT, London

“The Course was presented very well, succinctly, insightfully and inspiringly. The day was a fascinating spring-board into EFT. It was absorbing and logically and intelligently explained. I found Sally an inspiring speaker, and watching her in action was an education!” – Carole Lindey, London

“We were given clear, practical examples and very thorough hand-out material. An excellent introduction to EFT. Sally explained the technique very well. Definitely recommended.” – FWK, Harrow

“9 out of 10! Good Course!!” – Tuan Nguyen, London

“It was easy to follow and understand. I felt there was a lot of support and plenty of time to ask questions.” – Jane Long NW6

“Having done the Introductory Course, I now feel I’ve been given a very good understanding of how to use it and work with EFT. I was given lots of support and attention, I really enjoyed it and look forward to practicing on myself.” – JulieAnne Leek