Reiki testimonials

“It’s as relaxing and blissful as a massage but with the deeper effects of re-integrating and pulling together all the scattered parts of my being. Afterwards I feel calmer, often stronger and frequently more able to view things with greater clarity. I don’t know what I’d do without it!” PT, London

Reiki London NW6“I simply cannot believe how much it has changed my life… Reiki has helped me to view situations as though I’m looking at them from a rational third party view, and I no longer become anxious about things I know I have little or no control over. I feel completely different. Thanks ever so much!” JW, London


“The Reiki treatments have certainly helped improve my energy levels. And I believe they’ve also helped my Parkinson-related tremor” AM, Bucks

“As a professional bodywork with 15 years’ experience, I was astonished at the beauty and power of my first Reiki session with Sally. The simplicity of the technique allowed me to really feel the healing energies working within me.” Carol Rudd  (Registered Polarity Therapist)

“Reiki helps me physically, emotionally and spiritually according to my need.” MF, London SW1

“Not only were (the treatments) relaxing and enjoyable, but I believe they made a definite contribution to my recovery after a recent bout of illness. They also helped me to achieve a balance in my life that had been previously lacking.” Christine, N London

“I’m always astounded that each treatment is so very different, affecting me on many different levels; deeply profound, relaxing and opening work.” Anna Sedgwick

“(Since receiving Reiki) I can now walk a lot further than previously … my depression has lifted incredibly. I feel a lot happier, am more rested and am getting up earlier than I have done in over a year.” MM, London W6

“Reiki has given me a new perspective on life and I now feel more able to cope. Friends and family have noticed a new, more positive me”. JR, London

“Very relaxing and uplifting.” FWK, London NW8

“Reiki has given me innumerable benefits! It’s helped lift depression, regulated periods, eased back-ache and helped with my sleeping problems.” Holly Nicholson

“Thank you for ‘putting me back together again’ with Reiki. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done for me.” FB, London NW3

“I’ll never forget how Reiki helped me through my pregnancy and through other difficult times in my life”. Liane, Cozumel,Brazil