Sharing testimonials

The following feedback is from students who have attended recent Reiki Sharings.

“I really enjoyed the Reiki Sharing the other day,  thanks a lot for organising it. It definitely made a difference over the  next few days. Looking forward to the next one!” Feargus, London

“It was a good opportunity to give Reiki (which I never do) and it was a good experience. I feel much calmer and relaxed.” Rosana, London

“Reiki Sharing was fun and extremely interesting. A great way to continue my Reiki journey.” SS, Leicester

“…lovely to re-connect with Reiki in dedicated time with other students and …strengthened my resolution to offer more Reiki to other people as well as working on myself.” Catherine, Croydon

“It helped me to re-kindle my interest and practise of giving Reiki to myself and others.” FW-K, London

“The Reiki Sharing was magical (as always). I so enjoyed myself, seeing you and meeting everyone else, Such a good bunch of people, very genuine and a joy to be around. I went away in a very positive mood and felt blessed to be part of something so beautiful”. Anna, W5