Reiki Training

Reiki is available to everyone and no prior knowledge or previous training is required. The technique of Reiki develops with practice and deeper understandings of it unfold over time. It’s therefore not necessary to train in all the levels to gain the most from Reiki and many people find they have access to all the healing they need by simply doing the first level of training.

There are three levels of Reiki Training commencing with Reiki First Degree, also known as Reiki I. (For details see Reiki I, Reiki II, Reiki Master Training) A number of different streams of Reiki have developed over the years, some calling themselves by different names and each one is valid in its own individual way. The quality of training however, as well of methods of attunement and training can vary from one stream to another. It’s important to do some research before embarking upon a Reiki course to ensure that you’re finding not only the right training for yourself, but the right Reiki Master and that the stream of Reiki you choose incorporates your particular preferences regarding learning a healing modality.

For this reason, it’s essential that the prospective student has experienced Reiki for themselves before applying for Reiki I and at least one session with me is mandatory before training. This gives the potential student an opportunity to meet me, ask questions and gain an insight into the method you’ll be taught. It’s also an excellent preparation for learning the techniques and receiving the attunements.

My stream of Reiki is known as Traditional Usui and the methods taught are modeled on those taught by Hawayo Takata. It doesn’t include the use of crystals, methods of psychic surgery or the summoning of angelic or spirit guides in order to give treatments.

Classes are held in Norwich and are kept small (no more than four students together) to allow a high degree of individual attention, feedback and guidance.

The best way to do a Reiki training is on a personal basis, attending a class taught by a qualified Reiki Master. It can’t be learned properly from a book or through distant learning methods, nor is it possible for people to effectively attune themselves to the Reiki energy.

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