Reiki Master

I’ve spent a number of years since becoming a Reiki Master myself coming to a deeper understanding of exactly what it means to take this next step and how I would teach students to this level. And to my mind, this third and final stage of training can only be about the student feeling called to become a teacher as well as a practitioner.

In the past, numerous students have approached me regarding becoming a Reiki Master, but for the most part, they’ve wanted to do it mainly because they felt it would increase their transmission (which it does!) and in some, cases, simply because they felt they’d like the ‘status’ of being a Reiki Master.

However, there’s a great deal more to it than that.

Becoming a Reiki Master doesn’t imply magic powers, enlightenment or indeed any kind of ‘mastery’ in the true sense of the word! It simply means ‘teacher’.

‘Mastery’ can only come after many years of dedicated practise, teaching and working upon yourself and the unfolding of deeper understandings into the nature of Reiki. Becoming a teacher means you open up to the possibility of learning from your students as much as they might learn from you.  It requires building up your experience and above all, being committed to ongoing work on your own personal development. It also entails taking on a sizeable responsibility inasmuch as you’ll be training and mentoring others through all three levels of Reiki, and being available for any additional support whenever required. It’s about growing in your understanding of how the therapeutic relationship develops. It’s about learning to deal with clients and students alike on a compassionate, non-judgemental basis and discovering how to help them feel safe within the context of a session or a training course.

Acceptance for training would require that the student is already committed to regular self-healing. Also that they had already begun (or be willing to commence) giving Reiki to friends and family either without charge or on a fee or barter basis.  All Reiki Master students would be encouraged to keep a record of treatments and to work under my mentorship for an agreed amount of time as part of the training.  In this way,  the student is  already beginning to start developing understandings and experience which will later be brought into teaching others. (Teaching is a wonderful way of finding out not only what you know, but learning what you don’t know!)

The training of a Reiki Master is very much tailored to each individual and consists of a mentoring process which can last between several months and one year depending on the abilities of the student.

There are no set dates for Reiki Master training as it is arranged as and when a student is ready. If you’d like to be considered as a Reiki Master student, please contact me in the first instance at which point we can meet and discuss the possibilities and further details.