Reiki II

Where the unfolding process continues on a deeper level…

This next level of Reiki is designed to take you more deeply into your Reiki practise. You’ll will be taught the meanings and use of the three Reiki symbols, learn how to tune into and feel the subtle energy rhythms of the body and discover how to send Reiki through time and space into the past, present and future.

Reiki II also gives you a broader view of how Reiki can help you on all levels of your personal and spiritual development.

Classes are kept deliberately small (Reiki II is sometimes even taught on a one-on-one basis), in a warm and caring atmosphere.

Trainings are held in Norwich and take place over a weekend.
A certificate is awarded after the course.


To be announced

Cost: £230


Please note that additional trainings may be arranged according to demand and my availability.

For further enquiries please contact me.