Reiki I

Reiki is the start of a journey of discovery. And the journey begins with you…

During the training you’ll learn the history of Reiki, the Reiki Principles, how to give Reiki to friends, family and pets, and, most importantly, how to give Reiki to yourself.

The self healing technique is fundamental to all levels of Reiki whether you wish to just take Reiki I or to progress up to Reiki Master level. By learning to give yourself Reiki, you’re effectively taking a vitally important step in self-empowerment. You’ll discover how, with regular practice, giving yourself Reiki can help you to support and maintain your own health and well-being

There are also four attunements (or initiations, as they are sometimes called) performed during the Reiki I training which connect the student to the boundless Universal Life Energy or Chi. Once completely attuned, you’ll have Reiki literally at your fingertips for the rest of your life! Classes are kept deliberately small and take place in a warm and caring atmosphere.

Trainings are held regularly in Norwich and take place over a weekend.
A certificate is awarded on completion of the course.

Cost: £130.00

Dates for 2017
January 28th and 29th and September 16th and 17th


Please note that additional trainings may be arranged according to demand and my availability.

For further enquiries please contact me.