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Chakra Meditations 

Guided Meditations for Morning & Evening with Sally Topham

chakra meditation cdThe morning and evening guided meditations Sally has devised for this CD are designed to take you through the Chakras one by one. Sally’s soothing and gentle voice will give you thoughts, reflections and visualisations aimed at re-balancing and re-aligning each of these core energy centres, facilitating calm and equilibrium and helping you towards the optimum energetic space to start and end each day.

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Finding the River – A CD of Guided Meditations and Healing Techniques

Meditation CDNow available to buy or download from Dragon Rising

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“Sally Topham is one of the wisest and most intuitive spiritual healers that I know. Her guided meditations are full of compassion and grace.”  William Bloom, best-selling author & leading teacher of modern spirituality 

Meditation is a perfectly natural practice. You’ve almost certainly experienced the peace that comes from contemplating a beautiful view or sunset, stroking your cat, or feeling the warm sun on your body as you listen to waves lapping on the shore.  That’s a form of meditation.  That’s what happens when you sink into a relaxed and pleasurable focus on something.  The chatter of the mind begins to stop and we ease into a more tranquil space within ourselves.

Meditation isn’t difficult to do – especially when you’ve got someone on hand to guide you through the practise. That’s why I decided to do this CD – so many of my clients and students who have had meditation lessons from me have said that it really helps to be led through the techniques.   

Let me guide you into switching off and floating downstream with some of the most popular meditations and healing techniques from my book, “Finding the River”.

“SALLY TOPHAM is an experienced Energy Therapist and meditation teacher who has been working in private practise for a number of years.  On this recording, she will guide you clearly and easily into a full meditation practice using breath awareness; a simple and inspiring visualisation to help you connect to the awe and wonder of nature; a guided meditation on balancing and harmonising the Chakras; and a deep and powerful relaxation visualisation. Sally’s warm, reassuring and gentle voice will help you move effortlessly towards a quiet mind, relaxation and a finding a healing space within yourself.”  

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