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“Valuable and encouraging for anyone on the path of healing and spiritual development”.
William Bloom, author, teacher and founder of The Foundation for Holistic Spirituality

by Sally Topham

“Finding the River” is a compendium of self help exercises and techniques designed to help a person cope with life’s challenges, find inner peace and feel a comforting sense of connection between oneself and the natural world. This book looks into the many tools and strategies that Energy Therapist Sally Topham has used and found effective.

This is the kind of book to have on your bookshelf and dip into when needed – it is a well laid out and explained selection of helpful techniques to overcome a whole range of physical ailments, emotions and energy problems. Each technique is well introduced as to why, when and how to use it and clear instructions are given to put it into practice. What to expect from having done the exercises/techniques is also clearly outlined. Not the kind of book to read from cover to cover, but one to have to hand to look at when you
feel you need some help to deal with a challenge. You are sure to find something to help you within its covers.

Ros Ogden – Paradigm Shift Magazine

“I’ll make no bones about it, Sally is an old friend of mine and I’m proud to let BFVEA members know it and that she has written an informative, friendly book, indeed an excellent book. Sally told me clearly she’d written it as a beginner’s book, so I wasn’t expecting to see anything new, but of course, I was wrong… there is enough breadth and depth of understanding energy here for most of us to benefit from. It’s a great refresher of inner wisdom especially, of course, at those times when, because we are in distress, we forget every wise thing we’ve ever known!

For BFVEA tutors, it is one of the best books I know to add to your study list of that important aspect of BFVEA curriculum – Energy Management. I’m also lending it to clients who need to supplement their essence taking by deepening and grounding their awareness as they go through changes.

I haven’t got time for a lot of reading right now, I’m hellbent on various projects, but just one brief glance at the section on Feng Shui had me gagging to follow her instructions as soon as I am able. Thank you for your guiding wisdom, Sally. I know what you’ve been through to gain the experiences which you so skilfully offer us here, and I know as your friend how you walk your talk.” 
Carol Rudd, Flower Essence Practitioner & Editor of the British Flower & Vibrational Essences Association (BFVEA) Newsletter

“I love your book! It’s so accessible and just like having a trusted friend by one’s side saying ‘Hey – have a go! Whatever you’ve been through it’s OK  and you can still make a positive difference to your health!’  There’s so much wisdom from many different sources all condensed into an easy read and dappled with your lovely warmth and no-nonsense approach. I’ve given it to a close friend who’s working through a crisis…….

Anya Bahnmueller, Reiki Master

“Finding the River” is a light-handed workbook for people who are serious about changing their lives for the better. Step by step, with great knowledge, Sally Topham guides the reader through easy-to-follow exercises that evolve body, mind and spirit to higher functionality. Recommended especially for beginners on the holistic/spiritual path. 
Carna Zacharias-Miller, EFT Practitioner and Emotional Wellness Coach

Finally! Sally Topham has written an inspiring resource book full of essential techniques covering the full range of body, mind, spirit awareness. I am delighted to find the essence of my many hundred book library compiled in one book, destined to become required reading for my clients and highly recommended to family and friends. “Finding the River” will be a treasure chest for practitioners, personal development veterans and those just starting on the path as well. 
Laura Moberg, Energy & Natural Medicine Practitioner

This uplifting book is an Aladdin’s cave of wisdom, practical information and techniques from myriad disciplines, brought together skilfully by Sally to provide us with a unique guidebook through the jungle to a healthier, happier life on the riverbank.

Dip in and enjoy the pages. They are easy to navigate, providing you with tools, tailored to your personal needs, that you can use for the rest of your life. “Finding the River” is a truly empowering gem of a book.
Madison King, Madison’s Medicine, Energy Medicine Teacher and Practitioner

We all face challenges in life and these are then reflected in our health and well-being and one way to maintain a strong immune system is to work with, rather than against your own energy.

“Finding the River” is a new book by Sally Topham, an experienced energy therapist, who shares many self-help exercises and techniques to help you cope with challenges and learn how to deal with the daily rollercoaster of life. She provides exercises and techniques for dealing with stress, burnout, coping with change and coaxing yourself out of limiting
comfort zones.

Once you learn how to work with you own energy, you will see a substantial difference in how you view life and tackle problems.  There are many tips and exercises in this book that you can try and then put together into your own personal energy package. Oh, and in case you think this all sounds too ‘New Age’, the foreword is by Dr Mark Atkinson, a holistic medical doctor who has seen the benefit of marrying mind-body techniques for optimum health.
Anna Rushton, Health & Wellness Times

Sally has done a wonderful job of sharing the tools and approaches that have helped her along her own path of health, healing and awakening to present moment awareness.”
Dr Mark Atkinson – Integrative Holistic Medical Doctor and best selling author

Subtitled ‘The Energy Self-Help Guide for Surviving Life’s Challenges’, this book is recommended by William Boom as ‘valuable and encouraging for anyone on a path of healing and spiritual development’. As that should apply to all Christian disciples, I read it with interest.

Sally Topham, a former actress and now a practitioner of Reiki and other New Age healing techniques, offers a ‘toolkit’ of techniques which have helped her find peace, energy and healing.  Some of these are ancient (paying attention to dreams, theories about energy flow, singing, breathing, relaxation, walking, diet and exercise, writing a journal, and so on). Others are newer and bring together neuroscience and older techniques – EFT, EmoTrance and so on.

Topham describes excellent methods of contemplation and intercession that are perfectly at home in the Christian tradition…..(Her) toolkit is not mine, but I share the same convictions of Christian theology and science. They both remind us we are embodied creatures. Our mortal creatureliness matters, and the Church might dig deeper into its own wisdom to offer something to a generation which seeks healing, connection, love and
salvation by any other name.
Terence Handley-MacMath, The Sign and Home Words, the nationwide Church magazine supplement

“….I am very grateful for your book “Finding the River”.  It needs re-reading several times – particularly the references to gratitude, kindness and abundance.  Also connections with the natural world.  Hits the spot” – Jackie H

“I’ve just begun reading your book and I’m finding it very interesting and useful. I’m reading it very slowly to get the most benefit from your writing and the exercises. I love the way you’ve brought so many different techniques together ” – Carol, Reiki Master, Falkland Islands

“Congratulations on your wonderful book.  I bought a copy for my dauhter as a present, then started t read it for myself and ordered a second copy.  Then my daughter asked me to buy yet another one for a friend of hers. We both felt that reading the book was almost like having you there in person. Absolutely brilliant!” – Anne Beale

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ISBN Number: 1-873483-16-3