How does EFT work?

Emotions are energies, and when a person is in a balanced state, they flow in, through and out of us all the time. However problems arise when this doesn’t happen and instead, these energies can get stuck. This can occur because of one of two reasons which are:

  • We deny the existence of the problem and try to shut it out.
  • We don’t know how to deal with the problem and simply become resigned to having it!

Emotional Freedom TechniqueHolding onto negative emotions or limiting beliefs – or indeed, any emotional problem – can negatively affect the whole energy system if the difficulty isn’t resolved or diminished.

The fundamental principle of EFT is that all negative emotions are the result of an underlying disturbance in the body’s subtle energy system or Energy Body (i.e. the meridians or energy pathways which crisscross all the organs and systems of the physical body).

The technique accesses the Energy Body (see Further Information) using a short, painless procedure of tapping on acupressure points (without recourse to any needles!) whilst focussing on whatever issue is causing the problems. This allows the body’s energy system to be rebalanced and removes disturbances which have resulted on an emotional level.

As far as physical problems are concerned, it’s important to note that in many cases, emotional factors underlie physical symptoms. Working with the emotions in these cases can therefore often alleviate pain and discomfort

EFT, Positive EFT and EmoTrance techniques work together seamlessly and sessions may include the use of both techniques interchangeably if appropriate.