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There are a number of theories about  exactly how the transfer of Reiki energy takes place, but no agreement has so  far been reached. Research conducted in the 1980s by Dr Robert Becker and Dr John  Zimmerman into Reiki and other healing modalities found that the brainwaves of the practitioner synchronise in an alpha state (a state reached in deep relaxation and meditation) with those of the receiver, which in turn pulse with the waves emitted by the earth’s magnetic field (known as the Schuman Resonance.)

Then, in the 1990s it was further discovered that the biomagnetic waves in the hands of a healer are capable of emitting waves at 1000 times the normal level which medical research has found to stimulate  healing in the body. It is therefore suggested that ‘the linking of energy fields between the practitioner and the earth allows the practitioner to draw on the ‘infinite energy source’ or ‘universal energy field’ (aka Universal Life Energy or Chi) via the Schuman Resonance’. (UK Reiki Federation Research findings by Tamisha Sabrina.)

All forms of illness and disease tend to be influenced by a number of emotional factors which cause additional stress to the system which in turn alter the biochemistry of the body and undermine the immune system. Challenging circumstances and general life difficulties can cause great stress to body and mind and the deep states of relaxation that Reiki can promote are therefore extremely invaluable in any healing process.

Dr Usui, (the Japanese Philosopher who developed Reiki) made an intense study of the various healing techniques of the world’s main religions and eventually created his own technique for healing. Usui’s natural healing technique was later modified (with Usui’s permission) by Dr Chujiro Hayashi, who was one of his students.

The teachings were brought to the West by Hawayo Takata, a Japanese American woman trained by Hayashi who spread the knowledge of Reiki – first in Hawaii and later across Canada and the US. The system is now known virtually worldwide and a number of different methods of using it have evolved.

My way of practising and teaching is called Traditional Usui and is a method which adheres closely to the original teachings of Hayashi and Takata.

Sally Topham, Reiki Master and Practitioner, Norwich NR1.
Member, UK Reiki Federation.