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Thousands of years ago, the ancient sages of the East perceived – through deep states of meditation – that deep within the physical body of all living things, an ethereal counterpart, or energy body also existed.

This discovery led to the realisation of the existence of a line of energy centres which were power houses connecting with and transmitting subtle energy from the Universe throughout all the vital organs and systems of the body. It was further discovered that these centres connected with an intricate system of energy pathways which criss-crossed all areas of the body and which provided vital subtle energy to every part of it. The energy centres were perceived  to spin and draw in the subtle energy (known as Prana) and became known as the Chakras which is the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’.

These understandings formed the basis of the Indian Medical System of Ayurveda. They were also adopted and developed by the Chinese and incorporated into their medical system as well.

The importance of maintaining the free-flow of this subtle energy through the body is deemed to be crucial for good health and well-being and all energy-based therapies are based on this understanding.

The Chakras are seen to hold the key to our psychological well-being, physical health and spiritual awakening and keeping them in balance is understood to be of vital importance .

When the Chakras are spinning freely, then the energy in that Chakra is balanced and healthy. However, if it’s not spinning at the right vibration, or is sluggish, the energy is neither moving freely nor is it balanced.

And anything out of balance will eventually cause a problem to the body.

Balancing your Chakras can help you to:

  • Feel more grounded and more
    in the present
  • Feel more vitality
  • Balance any hormonal
    problem you may have
  • Reduce depression
  • Reduce moodiness
  • Move stresses out of your body
  • Become more aware of emotional blocks
  • Feel more connected to your authentic self. Your inner healer will be more able to do its job on the physical body if your energy body is in balance

Sally Topham, Energy Harmonix