EFT was developed by Gary Craig and derived from Dr Roger Callahan’s Thought Field Therapy. It differs a great deal from the traditional talk therapies which most people are familiar with.  Instead of raking over personal history and giving it endless analysis, the focus is simply placed on how a particular emotional problem makes you FEEL.  In other words, you only work with emotions and feelings around specific issues which is much more to the point and makes problems easier to resolve.

You will find yourself getting very helpful insights into the limiting beliefs that underpin emotional issues and challenges and the tapping sequence which is used to enable this process can bring relief and freedom from the problem, often surprisingly quickly.


Energy EFT (EEFT)is a recent development of the original technique by Silvia Hartmann and is the technique that I find works best for my clients.  EEFT recognises that emotions, being the root of all joy and pain in our lives, are in fact the feedback system of the energy body – the subtle body within the physical body through which our vital energy flows. When we are sad and low,  our energy levels are correspondingly low. Energy EFT can help you move from a low state on a scale of emotional intensity through to the neutral state of zero (where there are no conflicting emotions) and right on up to the other end of the scale where you can reach an energised mind state.  Here you can experience a full flow of energy and a real feeling of well-being and release from difficult emotions.  .


Positive EFT is part of EEFT  and is used, most frequently, at the end of a session. The technique helps you to focus on the NOW and the FUTURE,  and what you want (i.e. Health, Love, Respect, Confidence, Peace, Happiness). By “tapping in” your chosen positive energy, you can raise your energy levels even higher with the result that you can feel much more liberated and at ease about whatever issue was distressing you.


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