If you’ve ever wished you could rid yourself of negative feelings as they come up and stop them getting in the way of your life, then EFT can help you.

On this one day foundation course, you’ll be taught the basics of a therapeutic technique which is simple, effective and self- empowering.

It’s based on the principle that when ‘stuff happens’ to us, a negative response is caused within the subtle energy system. A chain of energetic pathways called the Meridians flow within this subtle energy body which are linked to all the vital organs and systems throughout the physical body.  When a problem occurs and brings up negative feelings we find are hard to deal with, an energy block occurs within the subtle body and the problem tends to remain stuck. (Difficulties and challenges are also an energy form whether they be emotional or physical.) All forms of EFT work by rebalancing any disruption that has been caused and restores the energy to an even flow, thereby dispelling the negative feeling.

Energy EFT is a recent development of EFT created by Silvia Hartmann.  It can be easily learnt and applied to many day-to-day problems. (More complex difficulties usually require the help of a therapist).  It’s enormously helpful in dealing with stress, negative memories, and anxiety.  It can also be  helpful with some physical symptoms.

In this foundation workshop you’ll learn how to use the basic tapping sequence and how to find solutions to your problems.  You will also learn some fun exercises to lift your energy states.  You’ll get plenty of practice during the training as you will be working with other Course attendees, and by the end of the day, you’ll have learnt the method sufficiently well to be able to apply it to yourself when you need it.

You will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of this training as well as a detailed, full colour training manual.

Please note, this workshop is a pre-requisite for the EEFT Master Practitioner Training.

Class numbers are limited to ensure individual attention is given to all attendees.

Dates for 2017 will be announced in due course

Cost : £150


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