CD reviews

“Sally Topham is one the wisest and most intuitive spiritual healers that I know. Her guided meditations are full of compassion and grace.” William Bloom, Best Selling Author of “The Power of Modern Spirituality” and “The Endorphin Effect”.

 An absolute delight and indispensible tool to help you get off the merry-go-round. Let Sally’s warm voice wash through every cell of your body as she expertly and gently stills your chattering mind and leads you to tranquility.” Madison King, Madison’s Medicine Energy Medicine Teacher & Therapist

“I have your recordings on my iPod and they have really helped me. THANK YOU! It’s wonderful! I think ‘The Connection’ meditation is very clever indeed.” Robin Robinson, Spiritual Radio Broadcaster  

“I have been working with your meditation CD and think it’s very, very good. And the accompanying music fits perfectly!” Mary Huber, Shropshire

“The meditation CD is fantastic, especially the breath awareness and the connection to the earth, helping me to stay strong and connected.” Toyin Ligali, London, NW2

 “Your book “Finding the River” is so helpful. It’s a bit like having a really good friend around who helps me in just the right way whenever I need it!  I don’t feel alone anymore and instead feel I have the answers to everything I might need for dealing with the swings and roundabouts of life!!  And as for the CD:  I absolutely loved it! Have used “Following the Breath” followed by “The Connection” (which really soothes the monkey mind!), and felt expansive, grounded and really good. “The Blue Mist” is lovely, too and re-charged me when I was clapped out.  Amanda Goldman, London NW6

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