About the workshop

THE CHAKRAS: An Introductory One-Day Workshop

Cost: £85

This one-day workshop aims to give students an introductory understanding of the energies of the Chakras which are the power stations of your subtle energy system.

Each Chakra is associated with different parts of your body, with various aspects of your life and your spiritual unfolding as well as being linked to colours, sounds and a number of other things.

They also influence the endocrine system and are thus involved with your moods, personality and overall health.  So, if you’re feeling sluggish in your body or your life, you can be pretty certain that your chakras are sluggish, too, so it’s very useful to learn how to balance and clear them.

During the day, you’ll learn the qualities, and relationships of each Chakra to the various areas in your life and how they can affect your personal and spiritual development.

You’ll also be taught a hands-on method of clearing, balancing and strengthening the Chakras for yourself and others using simple procedures derived from Kinesiology and Energy Medicine, as well as a Chakra meditation.

This workshop is very beneficial in helping people learn to feel energy and is therefore extremely useful to Reiki students.

No prior knowledge or qualifications are required in order to participate! To book a place, please contact me.