My background

As a child, I was brought up in a family of mixed religions. My mother was protestant, my father an agnostic, and his mother (my paternal Granny), a deeply religious and devoted Roman Catholic.

My mother and grandmother didn’t see eye-to-eye about my spiritual education which became a great source of confusion and unhappiness for me. When I was taken to church (which would be either my mother’s or my grandmother’s place of worship), my mind would wander from the sermon being preached and the hymns being sung. Instead, my attention was taken by the light streaming through the beautiful stained glass windows, and the magnificent arches that supported the ceiling. Focussing on such things lifted my heart, giving me a sense of wonder, awe and mystery that I didn’t get from what I learnt in Sunday School or from anything the Vicar was saying!

Whenever I thought about my experiences in church, I could feel something rippling up inside of me which felt quite wonderful. I think that now, in my childish way, those exquisite colours in the stained glass and the soaring arches helped to connect me to the essence, the energy of devotion, healing and prayer in a way that no amount of religious instruction could possibly teach.

My fascination with energy began very early in my life!

My initial connections between energy and the Divine led me some years later to start thinking that perhaps God might be some powerful force of pure energy which pervaded everything. In those days (decades ago!) this was a pretty weird idea and finding anyone who thought remotely like me was well-nigh impossible! I never met anyone I could talk to about this until my late teens when I entered the theatre, expanded my social world and finally met some kindred spirits.

I’d always wanted to be an actress, and, when I was 18, I was given the chance to get my first taste of ‘treading the boards’ when I was invited to become an assistant stage manager and play small parts at a small weekly repertory theatre on the east coast of England. Here I shared lodgings with some members of the theatre company I’d joined along with a few other actors and artistes who were also working in summer shows in the locality. Supper after the show each night with my fellow lodgers became a source of great delight to me because that was the time we’d all sit around the dining table talking about fascinating concepts, ideas and experiences – most of which were totally new to me and blew my mind.

I spent about 6-8 months in repertory theatre before entering drama school, from where I went on to work professionally in theatre, film and television for many years afterwards. Throughout this time, my interest in healing, spirituality, philosophy and mysticism grew and I was always keen to pursue further knowledge in these areas whenever I had the space between acting assignments.

In the late ‘70’s, I joined a small esoteric group where I first learnt about energy healing (using crystals) and was taught how to meditate amongst other things. It was here that I began to identify patterns and behaviours in my life which held me back and limited my potential on various levels. In effect, this group ushered me into working upon my personal development and laid the ground for me opening up to receive several years of therapy at a later point. Seeing the changes that could be brought about through various forms of healing and therapeutic techniques gave me the inspiration and encouragement I needed to commit to continuing to work upon myself –  something I’ve been beavering away at ever since!

After several years of esoteric study, I became interested in Indian philosophies and the various spiritual paths that abound in that wonderful country which I view as my spiritual home.

Under the guidance of Maharaj Charan Singh, I followed the path of Sant Mat where I met a number of people who were trained in Polarity Therapy (an extraordinary blend of East/West techniques involving manipulation, touch therapy, diet and exercise). This modality was all about energy and I was astonished by it’s ability to shift energy blocks and release negative emotions. I soon discovered how stuck or disturbed energy can lead to tension, illness and disease as well as emotional and mental problems. I became fascinated by the mind/body connection and decided to train to become a Polarity Therapist myself.

Coincidentally, around the same time as I was going through my Polarity training, my acting career moved into a slump, and I began to move more towards a career in the therapeutic world. I worked for a while as a Polarity therapist after qualifying until my theatrical work went through a resurgence and I started getting too busy to see clients. A few years later, I left Sant Mat, and became a devotee of Siddha Yoga under the guidance of Gurumayi Chidvisalanda where I met people who introduced me to Reiki which was yet another form of energy work. From the moment I experienced this technique for myself, I knew it was something I had to learn, and that led me in a completely new direction which I’ve followed ever since.

By the late ‘90’s, my theatrical career had all but disappeared (once again!). But by this time, I was embedded in the world of therapy. I’ve now spent many years both working on myself and others, and studying various therapeutic techniques under the guidance of a number of highly skilled therapists, trainers and teachers. I’ve undertaken numerous workshops and courses on subjects including Transpersonal Psychology, Jungian Dream Work, Chakra Psychology, Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Courses on death and dying under the auspices of RIGPA (The Tibetan Buddhist Centre) and also Energy Medicine with Madison King and Donna Eden.

I have qualified in and have been practising Reiki since 1997 and became a Reiki Master in 2000. I also trained and qualified in Core Energy Management (also known as The Endorphin Technique) with William Bloom and completed his 3-year Open  Mystery School course on Holistic and spiritual growth. In addition I’m also an EFT Master Practitioner, an EmoTrance (now known as EMO) Master Practitioner,  and am also an EFT Trainer.

My journey is reflected in the self-help book I’ve written called Finding the River  – The Energy Self-Help Manual for Surviving Life’s Challenges” which describes many of the tools and practices that have helped me so much over the years. I have also released a CD of the most popular meditations and healing techniques from this same book which provides the perfect companion to all the information given in Finding the River .

I have recently also released a new CD called Chakra Meditations – Guided Meditations for Morning and Evening. Please visit Shop if you’d like to buy a copy.

My years of therapeutic practice have been a joy. Working with my clients and students has been both inspirational and fulfilling, confirming that we all have the possibility of making beneficial personal changes to our lives provided we have the commitment to work on ourselves and the encouragement of a skilled and empathic teacher. By engendering a warm, safe, compassionate and non-judgmental environment and providing encouragement, support, guidance and experience, my wish is to give all who come to me for help the possibility of healing, letting go and moving on in their lives and becoming more of who they really are.

I am passionate about the work I do, deeply interested in the people I’m privileged to work with and committed to using my healing skills with integrity.  

Sally Topham
Energy Therapist
Reiki Master/Practitioner
EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer
EMO (formerly known as EmoTrance) Master Practitioner
Member of the UK Reiki Federation
Member of the Association of Meridian Energy Therapies (now known as the Guild of Energists -GoE)