The other evening I was sitting outside in my courtyard enjoying the gentle breeze that was playing through the plants, lifting the fronds of the passion flower and virginia creeper and causing the geraniums to nod their heads a little. It was a relief to feel the cool soft air after the relentless heat we’ve been experiencing and instead, enjoy the long ‘silk-coloured evenings’ (to quote Philip Larkin) of summer. So peaceful and quiet was the day at that moment, my shoulders relaxed and my spirit lifted as I soaked in the serenity of the approaching evening. My mind stilled without effort and a sweet calm pervaded my body and mind. Ah! How good it was to be cool and still!

The weather this month has mirrored the fierce temperatures of anger, grief and unrest in the world of late, and in particular, what has been happening in our own small piece of the planet, and without a doubt, we have all absorbed elements of it to one degree or another. Living amidst such vibrations and not being affected by them in any way, shape or form is hard to avoid, if not impossible, so it’s really important to find some antidote within ourselves in order to help us counteract the heaviness it can cause to body, soul and mind.

More than ever before, it’s important to practise ways of lifting the heart, for in lightening any burdens we feel, we are automatically raising the spirits of those around us and our environment. The wonderful HeartMath Institute is currently involved with researching  the effect of human emotions upon the Earth’s subtle electromagnetic field and has found, amazingly, that ‘when large numbers of people create heart-centred states of loving care and compassion, it results in a more coherent electro-magnetic field around the earth that benefits everyone – plants, animals, and the planet itself……..Every single person affects this global field because we are all interconnected with and affected by the magnetic fields generate by the sun and the earth……. And every cell in our bodies is bathed in both an external and internal environment of fluctuating invisible magnetic forces’ . From “Making Life Easy” by Dr Christane Northrup.    

Bearing in mind this research, I’m sure you’ll appreciate why we need to incorporate techniques which make our hearts feel light on a daily basis so we can benefit from  the way we are fortified and supported by such emotions.  All of you will have tried and tested  mechanisms you already  use to do this from time to time, whether it’s by sitting quietly (as I was doing) enjoying the cool of the evening, or gazing upon a beautiful view.  You can lift your heart by listening to your favourite music. You can do it by singing (yes, singing lifts the spirit very effectively which is why all religions since time immemorial have used singing and chanting as a fundamental aspect of their worship).  Lifting the heart can be achieved by being with loved ones, through laughter,  by tuning into the joy of children playing, by stroking your cat, walking your dog, feeding the ducks and swans, or reading an inspirational book or piece of poetry. It’s there for you when you walk in the countryside or beside the sea, or beside a river or stream. Did you know that being out in nature automatically encourages your aura to open and expand which will, in and of itself, elevate your mood? Also were you aware that every time you are close to running or moving water, your aura is cleansed? This is why a shower is so invigorating and a walk beside the sea is so refreshing!

There are many more ways of connecting to a lightness of heart simply and easily.  You can achieve it by  participating in an activity which brings you joy (running, swimming, driving, skiing, painting or some other creative interest, etc., etc.), or meditating, praying, or just sitting for a while in a temple, church, cathedral or mosque and absorbing the powerfully peaceful vibrations of such places. All of these things are freely available to each and every one of us, and no doubt you can come up with other ideas of your own.

Practising being able to lift up our hearts and spirits in these times of unease and difficulty can only be beneficial and healing.  Remember that even though the world at the moment isn’t a peaceful place, we won’t make it any better by dwelling upon catastrophes and violence.  I’m not suggesting we turn away from the iniquities and tragedies around us and pretend they’re not happening. No.  But what I encourage you to do is to make it a priority in your life to find ways to offset the de-stabilising effect such troubles and unrest can have upon you so that you can build a greater ability to  maintain a state of balance and well-being  within yourselves which in turn will help others.

The power to change is within us always, as the following poem illustrates:

I prayed for change, so I changed my mind.

I prayed for guidance and learned to trust myself.

I prayed for happiness and realised I am not my ego.

I prayed for peace and learned to accept others unconditionally.

I prayed for abundance and realised my doubt kept it out.

I prayed for wealth and realised it is my health.

I prayed for a miracle and realised I am the miracle.

I prayed for a soul mate and realised I am the One.

I prayed for love and realised it’s always knocking, but I have to allow it in.

Jackson Kiddard



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Energy Therapist, Reiki Master/Practitioner, EFT Master Practitioner, Writer, Member of the UK Reiki Federation, Member of the Guild of Energists (GOE)
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