A couple of weeks ago I ventured out into my courtyard and was surprised to see that some snowdrops had appeared in one of the tubs outside.  I always think of snowdrops as the first indication of spring, and I immediately felt a rush of anticipation surging through me at the thought of the end of winter.  It’s been a bitterly cold, and blustery few months up here in the land of the North Folks (Norfolk) and my heart lifted as I conjured images of warmer days and daffodils and crocuses, and all manner of spring things peppering the landscape and bringing a sense of lightness back into the world.

As always, this time of year also nudged me into thinking about clearing stuff and doing a bit of a spring clean.  I’ve been dealing with getting rid of the huge amount of paper in my study of late, and suddenly, I couldn’t wait to finish the task.  How wonderful to have less files, less clutter, and a clear desk! Ah!  That would make it so much easier to focus on the things I want to become more engaged in this year like painting and writing. What better time to clear the path for fresh energy to flow into my home!

As you all know from my writings in the past, monitoring and nurturing the energy in my home is of prime importance to me, because I have long benefitted from making my home a place of sanctuary. I do this by creating, to the best of my ability, a balanced, peaceful and sacred environment, which becomes a nourishing environs to help me continue to grow and develop on all levels. I believe that your home is a reflection of your thoughts and feelings and therefore reflects your inner state.  In a sense, it’s an extension of your body.  You may not be able to feel the energies moving around your home, but believe me, they’ll be influencing how you’re feeling emotionally and may well be affecting your health.

The objects and possessions we keep in our homes can affect how we are. Every object you possess contains the emanations of the people who previously owned it, as well as the energy of the object’s creator. The buildings we live and work in are made up of constantly changing energy which is made up of atoms and molecules through which the Chi or subtle energy of the Universe flows. And since you’re energetically connected to everything in the universe, you’re therefore not separate from your home. Your home is alive and has consciousness – the same as you!

Many of us hold on to far more in the way of possessions than we actually need and companies now exist all around the globe for the express purpose of providing storage for our overflow.  Furthermore, research has shown that the more stuff a person keeps in their homes, the higher their stress levels. This is indeed a sobering thought which might perhaps spur you on to thinking about clearing some of your clutter!!

Clutter builds up when things never get put away, when there’s too much stuff and not enough storage space; or when piles of things end up strewn on the floor, under beds, chairs or sofas or stuffed into cupboards all higgledy-piggledy because they don’t have a home.

Piles of clutter, even when hidden out of sight are natural gathering places for negative energies.   The more negative energy is allowed to accumulate, the denser the atmosphere in your home will become because the energy can’t move and becomes stuck.  This in turn can create chaos in your life and make you feel disorganised.  Physical clutter in your home means mental clutter in your mind.  It can make you tired and keep you emotionally bound up with the past.  It can cause lack of energy, foggy thinking, general inertia, laziness, sadness and depression. Disposing of unwanted/unnecessary items not only clears your outer space but also your inner space as well. Dealing with your clutter will help you clear the way for new things, new people and new opportunities to come into your life.

So, does this inspire you to get up and start putting the home front into better shape? I do hope so because it’s a really good time to start doing it! Go with the energies of spring and let them sweep you along into making some very helpful changes in your life.

Countless books have been written about the best ways of clearing clutter.  I used to advocate doing one room at a time (or even one corner of a room or one cupboard at a time), and there’s nothing wrong with doing it this way if you prefer. But since reading Marie Kondo’s books “The  Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and “Spark Joy” I’m now a great advocate of her method of chunking the task down into categories and dealing with one complete category at a time. This is a surprisingly effective way of making a BIG clearance.  I wrote about these books and her extremely useful methods in last August’s blog which you may or may not remember. But beware! She sometimes goes OTT and gets a bit carried away with what you should and shouldn’t do, and this may not sit well with you. Don’t worry! There’s plenty that’s practical and eminently do-able to follow in her techniques, the basic premise of which follows:

Divide your clothes up into categories of : Tops (this includes shirts, blouses, T-Shirts, jumpers and cardies); Skirts; Trousers; Dresses and Suits; Underwear; Tights and Socks; Shoes; Handbags (and Man Bags);

Divide your accessories into: Jewellery; Ties; Scarves; Hats (include Woolly hats and Beanies);

You can deal with other categories after you’ve worked through the above.

You should start with the first category (i.e. Tops) and pull out every single one that you possess from wherever you keep them (we often keep things of the same category in more than one place which of course is how we get duplicates!). Make sure you pull out ALL your tops from ALL the rooms where you keep them and dump them ALL in one big pile on the floor or on a bed. You will then realise how many you have!  Now pick up each garment one at a time, hold it and look at it and notice your reaction to it.  If you LOVE it, keep it.  If you don’t love it, put it aside for the charity shop or wherever. The idea is that if you wear only things that you LOVE, you will create a happier, more harmonious and flowing energy for yourself which will make you feel good, lift your spirits and nurture you in ways that are highly beneficial. And this is most certainly true.

Warning: Don’t keep things because they might come in useful sometime, or because someone has given them to you and you’d hate to upset them by not wearing it, or because they are new or cost a lot of money or whatever.  If you don’t LOVE it, LOSE it!! 

You may think this will take a lot of time, but it won’t.  You’ll be surprised how quickly you pick up momentum as you go through the garments one by one and use the criteria given to decide whether you wish to keep something or not.  If you feel neutral about something, you could keep it, but put it aside and check it out again a few weeks later.

When you’ve finished one category, start on another but not before you’ve finished the previous group. Do this over several days and you will be so glad that you did and amazed at how much you are able to discard.

For other categories like photographs, kitchen equipment, luggage, objects and ornaments, and general miscellanea, I suggest you do your own version of dividing things up into categories and working through each one, keeping only those things you love and discarding anything you don’t love until you’ve been through everything in that group.

Don’t touch papers and files, etc., till you’ve finished with the clothes and when you do, keep only the absolute minimum you need for information.  For pills, potions and medications throw them out if they’re past their sell by date.  With cosmetics and creams, don’t keep anything that’s over a couple of years old as these things can go off after a time.

Chunking things down in this way makes tackling clearing out so much more manageable!! And most importantly, it allows you to be able to see the progress you’re making which is a great incentive to carrying on with the task until it’s finished.

Good Luck! May the wind fill your sails and carry you along! May you be inspired to keep the home front free and flowing! May your homes be filled with love and light! You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel when you’ve done it!


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