For many of us, it’s been a rather turbulent month. I personally succumbed to a nasty bout of Bronchitis which laid me low for about 3 weeks, and I know of a number of others who have been going though health problems recently. But others are enduring worse things, like, for example the continuing heart-breaking catastrophe that unfolds daily in Syria.  On a more general front, there are further rumbles about Brexit and gloomy forecasts about the economy. Plus, let us not forget the results of the US election earlier in the month, which shocked many and appears by no means to be to the satisfaction of the majority. Rather like the aftermath of Brexit (only on a larger scale), we find we have global divided opinions causing people to be at odds with each other, and there is a lot of uncertainty about the future as the world waits to see how this major scenario is going to unfold.

International tension constantly hums in the background of our lives and is strengthened every time we read a newspaper or watch the news. The media feeds on negativity, and it seems there’s nothing it loves more than dissecting and analysing and sending out doom-laden prognoses! And whether we’re aware of it or not, we are affected by it.  And even if you think you’re not, the mind states of those that are (affected by it) can be very disturbing. Believe me, other people’s mind-states are contagious, and their vibes can quite easily permeate our own energy systems.  Those whose frame of mind tends to be of a negative disposition can have an undermining effect on our own thoughts, actions and sleep patterns whether we’re aware of it or not.

The wonderful HeartMath Institute (www.heartmath.com)  to whom I so frequently refer, talks  about “Whisper thoughts and feelings”.  These are feelings which “constantly stream through our awareness – whether we’re at home, at work, sleeping or riding in an Uber. Most whisper thoughts move through quickly if we don’t feed them, yet occasionally, a thought will snag our focus and begin to loop and grow in feeling.”

So, if the US Election has caused numerous whisper thoughts to buzz around your mind like mosquitoes and then burgeon into something akin to an atomic dust cloud; or if there is some other issue which is taking up your focus and attention and causing unease, the good news is  that there is something that you can do about it.

But first, let’s look a little deeper at what’s happening.

One of my teachers, William Bloom, describes the problem of catching other people’s mind states thus:  “We live in a huge interconnected energy field and people’s emotional and mental vibrations roll through this field like waves in an ocean.  If we are sensitive to these energy waves, then distressing mass events can influence us in a negative way, causing anxiety and depression.  Even if you have a strong and upbeat disposition, you can be wobbled into temporary discomfort”.

Last month, I was talking about how Autumn brings change, and changes are certainly what we’re all experiencing right now.  Change is part of life. Nothing stays the same for ever. Growth is a series of changes. It’s inevitable, and if we learn to look at it positively, we can always find some good in it.  But for some people, dealing with change is akin to facing bereavement, causing mourning and an enforced letting go, which in and of itself can bring up strong feelings of insecurity. At times like this, the mind can go into overdrive as it tries to figure out how to get by.

But staying with the analogy of bereavement, when you’re faced with the death of a loved one, no-one is expected to be incredibly organised, or make decisions easily or even to be able to think that clearly.  What happens for a lot of people is that they stop trying to control the situation because they know they can’t change anything, and simply allow the reality of the situation to sink in.  At this point, there’s three steps to take which can always be helpful: Pause; Breathe; and Wait.  In pausing, we can come back to centre; in breathing consciously, we help ourselves to ground and in the waiting, things can begin to calm and the way ahead slowly becomes clearer.

When the world and you and yours are going through a turbulent period, William Bloom has some wise and effective advice:  He says: “…..when faced with humanity passing through one of its regular upheavals, we need to (focus on) the wonder and goodness of life, and not just humanity’s distress”.  It’s therefore really important in times of disruption and turmoil, to feel a sense of connection to the vibrations of the cosmos, be this through the Divine,  Jesus, the Angels or the Goddess or simply via beholding the extraordinary beauty and power of Gaia, our Mother Earth, and/or opening oneself up to the energy of the sun, the moon and the stars.

If you wonder how best to do this, it’s simple. Stand outside and gaze up at the night sky and behold the stars and let yourself be filled with a sense of wonder at the vastness of the universe.  Or, get out in Nature and  let the wind whip through your hair on a country walk; stand on a seaside promenade and watch the waves surging onto the beach; walk by the sea; watch a river flow by; or look at a sunset. Notice how Nature instantly brings peace to your mind and heart and make a point of focussing on that instead of the confusion around you.

Another good thing to do is to practice kindness, compassion and patience with yourself first of all, and stop beating yourself up!  We are all our own worst critics.  We do untold damage to ourselves with the way we judge ourselves.  Notice when you’re being hypercritical towards yourself and consciously break the pattern by self-correcting and instead, thinking about yourself in a more sympathetic manner.  As you get better at doing this, you’ll find that kindness and compassion begin to spill out from within you, radiating a benevolence and goodwill that encourages good in others. This way, we stay immune to other people’s mind states. And we don’t add more anxiety to a worrying situation.

Above all, remember, we all have much more power than we may think we have regarding how we choose to feel and respond to life’s situations.  The heart has a natural intuitive intelligence which enables us to engage with the essence of things, their true nature, and not be pushed off course by the appearance of things on an outer level. Bring about a partnership between heart and mind by pausing, breathing and waiting (holding still).  Allow yourself to connect to Nature, and a greater sense of clarity and peace can be the result. It’s down to us to make the effort to find that balance and be willing to reach for it little by little in order to get there in the end. Try it and see for yourself. It’ll lift your spirits and have you feeling better about yourself and your world.

“All shall be well, all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well …for there is a Force of love moving through the universe that holds us fast and will never let us go”.  Julian of Norwich.


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