I’m sure you’ve all been noticing the glorious colours of the trees as Autumn struts her stuff in full glory. It’s a beautiful time of year and the period when nature starts preparing herself for the winter days as a spring board for the re-birth and new growth which comes in Spring.

Those of you who have been reading my newsletters for while will be familiar with my frequent references to nature holding up a mirror to our inner energies.  No matter that the climate is changing and the seasons are sometimes haphazard, there is still a movement from the early growth of Spring, to the burgeoning of Summer and the bounty of Autumn followed by the withdrawal time of Winter. The seasons are Nature’s energies manifest, and as we are all energetic beings, we are, at a certain level, totally at one with Planet Earth and what is happening to Nature.  This being the case, we can all benefit from tuning into the seasons and seeing  how the time of year corresponds to where we are on our individual journeys.

It helps to know what “the theme” is for each season and this really isn’t hard to work out, because Nature is doing it all there right in front of us as a demonstration!  In a nutshell: Spring is about planting seeds, Summer is about flowering, Autumn is about harvest and letting go,  and Winter is about reflection. We can work in tandem with Nature as our teacher and let her show us where we might focus in order to better understand ourselves, manage our emotions and grow and develop into who we really are. It’s simple beginner’s stuff energywise, but it never hurts to re-visit the basics because, each time we do, we can always  gain some deeper understandings.

So let’s look at Autumn: the most obvious manifestation of it is not only the colour (the ripeness) but also the falling of the leaves. So in terms of ripeness, in what areas of yourself have you noticed  some growth and evolution? Don’t worry if you can’t see much –  if any – of this in yourself!  Just be aware of how you’re definitely on a journey and that every small step you take towards greater wellbeing is a step in the right direction.  And if you can see where you’ve grown (think back to this time last year), make a note of it, and acknowledge the efforts you’ve made and the changes which are beginning. It’s very important to do this, because we can be such hard taskmasters to ourselves, and efforts and results which go unrecognised invariably lead to feelings of downheartedness or the belief that we might just not be “good enough”.

Finding an analogy with the leaves takes us down various avenues.  On one level it’s about clearing and sweeping up – so a great time to de-clutter, and make some more space.  And of course, as you make more space outside of you, automatically, you start feeling more space inside of you! Remember the old Feng Shui principle that re-ordering the outer energies (i.e. your home, your environment) results in a re-balance of the inner ones? (Any of you bought one of the Marie Kondo books on tidying I told you about back in August, by the way???!!!  It’s still not too late!! – I‘d love to hear how any of you are getting on!!) Energy has a fundamental need to move, but it doesn’t mean you have to move mountains to make any difference – even small movements are beneficial.  Think how just tossing the tiniest stone into some water will still make ripples. Energy that’s stuck becomes stagnant, breeding feelings of discontent, hopelessness and difficult emotions. Once you’re there, it’s much harder to move yourself up and out, and motivation can go out of the window because your energy levels are so low. You stop thinking clearly, decisions are harder and you’re likely to over-react to difficult events. If you recognise yourself from this description, it’s good to seek help via a professional practitioner who can steer you towards ways to change and help you take the appropriate steps to do so.

Change is very much the key word for Autumn.   Look around you.  Isn’t that just what’s happening? Nature is going through a pretty dramatic change. Yes?  So where have you changed? What are you trying to change?  How are you doing with it? Make a note. Give yourself some appreciation.  Even if you’re just beginning, you’re on your way!   And if you can’t see that much change, don’t despair and above all don’t be judgemental towards yourself. Instead, be kind to yourself.  Be compassionate. Be understanding.  It takes time and it takes as long as it takes, but as long as your intention is always to keep going, you will make progress – no matter what you’re trying to change. Energy runs through everything and the state of your energy affects everything.  Get the energies moving a bit better in one direction and they’ll have a domino effect on some other level.

Change is all about letting go.  You can’t make changes by sitting tight doing the same thing or remaining in the same place.  You’ve got to come to an agreement within yourself to allow room for manoeuvre so you can start to move forward.. You need to be willing to make some shifts, e. g. give up hanging onto outworn ways of putting things right which you have seen time after time don’t work, and try something different!  And you don’t have to do this without any kind of guidance.  Aside from the many teachers and therapists that are out there to help you, there’s a mass of stuff to help you online which costs you nothing and a plethora of books available to help you make those changes. And of course, there’s always Nature to give you guidance – and that’s free too!!!

So open up and embrace all this Autumnal stuff.  The Autumn energy is there to help you in your resolve.  And be playful. Enjoy making little changes (or big ones if you can!), and revel in the difference it makes in how you feel.  Feeling energy is simple. You’ve been doing it since you were a child but like many others, you may well have forgotten how to do it. Your energy is like a ripple, a wave, or a stream.  You notice it when you get a thrill of exhilaration, a shiver of nerves, a flush of embarrassment, a tingle of pleasure.  When it moves, it moves fast like the swift flight of a bird swooping down from a tree. Energy is signposted by our emotions which are the feedback system of the energy body. Energy can soar to the heavens, it can be  sweeping and flowing and it can be the stillest, deepest, most silent place within which brings utter peace and a sense of oneness with everything. Energy is a river, a sea, an ocean which lives and flows through you and everything else. We all have it! And you can learn to change your own energies, which in turn will change the way you think, act and feel. Energy, when it flows unimpeded, brings freedom of mind, heart and soul, but keeping it banked up and locked down can cost you dear in terms of health and well-being.

So loosen up!  Remember the child in you to help you get back in touch with your energies. Enjoy shuffling through those leaves. Pick up the conkers. Carve a pumpkin.  Light some sparklers. The great festivals of Light are coming (Christmas/Diwali etc.) with all their magic and spirituality. Enjoy the thought of that! And choose to make some changes to your current status quo. Listen to Autumn within, tune in, open up and resolve to let go!


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