The Blues and the Blahs

Not long after my last Blog, a nasty gum abscess developed above one of my teeth and the first night it blew up, I hardly slept at all because it was so painful.  The next day, feeling completely exhausted, I had to seek out the emergency dental centre up here (because I wasn’t yet registered with a dentist) and arrange an appointment as soon as possible.  Another 24 hours elapsed before anyone could see me, at which point I was on my knees, but was put onto some anti-biotics to deal with the abscess and told to return to the clinic in a week’s time.

Thankfully, the anti-biotics kicked in and the pain disappeared but this was quickly replaced by feelings of intense negativity accompanied by a sense of being spaced out, wobbly and having no energy whatsoever.

When this happened, there was a part of me that was vaguely able to distance myself from the negative feelings that were engulfing me and wonder why, when I place so much focus on being positive all the time, this should be happening to me!  I simply couldn’t understand why I was finding myself beset with one dire negative thought after another. Where was this all coming from?  What was unleashing this depressing stream of views, moods and attitudes?

So I started tapping.  Nothing elaborate.  Just tapping on the words “All these thoughts and feelings” and seeing what that brought up.  Ah! How amazing is EFT!  Quite quickly I was able to accept that I simpIy wasn’t well, and that my energies were subsequently completely out of balance, and because of that, I was allowing this tide of pessimism and all its attendant thought patterns to swamp me. The tiredness, the muzzy head, the wobbliness, were causing me to go from one destructive thought to another, piling up the angst and quickly producing a whole raft of negative thoughts.

It was a perfect example of a very simple fact :  that if you don’t watch your thoughts, and if you don’t have any strategies for managing your emotions, they can very quickly overwhelm you and cause suffering. Negative thoughts generate more negative thoughts.  They snowball and can quickly get out of control.

This kind of reaction to illness, discomfort, pain (and some medications) isn’t unusual.  Everyone will have experienced it for themselves at some point – often many times! Those who are prone to negative thinking generally, will be used to it also. But what we need to understand is that when we’re in a low emotional state, it’s virtually impossible to be objective and see clearly. Generally, we just haven’t got the energy to lift ourselves out of it and rise above it.   Many of us also fail to understand that when the physical energies are so low, we are all capable of causing ourselves untold emotional harm.  A whole shedload of needless fears and anxieties, not to mention some extreme negative projections about problems and disasters that might happen in the future, can very easily be unleashed from this exceedingly low level of energy.

But the good news is – we CAN do something about it! Just putting your hands on your heart and doing the HeartMath  breath I gave you last month, is enough to start bringing you out of this state. And when you’re that low, HeartMath breathing is about all you can manage anyway!! You need to be able to use a technique that isn’t difficult and doesn’t take huge amounts of concentration. Focussing on your breath and “breathing in and out through your heart” will bring you back to centre and ground and trigger a rebalancing process which automatically takes place throughout your entire body/mind.  When this happens, you’ll start to notice the dark mists of negativity lightening up.  It’s at this point that you can start using EFT (if you know it) and really get the process underway of lifting yourself out of the blues and the blahs.

In the next few months, I hope to be able to be in a position to teach you the new Energy EFT Foundation One-Day Course which will guide you into understanding how take charge of your emotions and steer yourself into a brighter and more positive frame of mind whenever you need to. It’s not rocket science! It’s just about learning a simple technique and applying it. And believe me – ANYONE can acquire the ability to do it! You don’t have to have any prior qualifications.

Till then, for those of you who haven’t learnt any form of EFT, I would highly recommend watching this video of Donna Eden taking you through the wonderful 5-minute energy routine she devised some years ago.  Here’s the link


I’ve been teaching this energy routine to clients for many years now and do it myself pretty well every day.  It’s wonderful for re-aligning and balancing the energies, and if you’re coming out of any level of sickness or pain or low energy, it’s a very easy, practical and effective way of getting your energies moving again, lifting your mood and improving your vitality.

For those of you who have already learnt this 5-Minute routine in the past either from me or from videos or presentations by Donna, don’t skip watching this one because she’s added a couple of extra movements to it which have improved and refined it.

So remember : illness, pain and some medications can make you very negative, but you don’t have to stay in that place of darkness and anxiety. Just recognise that this is what’s bringing you down, and do the HeartMath breath.  That’ll help hugely.  Then start with some EFT. But if you haven’t yet learnt how to tap, have go at Donna’s routine and see how much better that can make you feel.

And you can use all three methods if you wish!


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