Many years ago when I was very into Jungian Therapy (something I personally underwent for about 5 years), the phrase “breaking down to break through” was often bandied about.  This referred to the perceived need to dig deep into old personal history and “break it down” in order to let it go and move on in one’s life.  It is in fact still a process which is adhered to in most talking therapies and indeed it’s a technique that was used quite frequently – but differently –  in Classic EFT, as some of you will recall. (Not so with Energy EFT, which is the EFT technique I work with these days. With this modality, digging back into the past in depth is rarely required as the focus is simplified by focussing on how you’re feeling right now. )

This comes to mind today because it seems to me that as a nation, we are currently undergoing the uncomfortable process of being shaken up and having our cages rattled following the results of the EU Referendum.  The old order is being broken down and a new one will eventually be established in its place – which means the situation is very much a case of breaking down to break through.  But in the interim, whether you voted LEAVE or REMAIN, I’m sure you’ll agree that most of us presently find ourselves in a rather unstable national situation with no clear vision of the outcome and not a lot of guidance available to see us through it all.

For many of us, this is unsettling to say the least. Over the last few days I have talked to and heard from people who are shocked, depressed and thoroughly discombobulated about what has happened.  I’ve also heard from Brexiteers who, though initially triumphant at the victory, have now moved into experiencing doubts about how long it’s all going to take to sort out, whether the future is really going to bring them what they envisaged,  and how they’re going to fare in the meantime.  Still others are feeling guilt for not having voted at all because they feel they just might have influenced the result if they had.

If you recognise any of these reactions as similar to your own, then you’ll be one of the many people who may  be feeling anxious about what’s happening right now and uncertain about the future.

Divisions have arisen between communities, friends and families over this Referendum and sadly, in some cases, are making communication and relationships very  difficult. Arguing your point of view  (whichever side you’re on) can end up engendering further acrimony and ultimately does nothing to help the situation.  What we need right now is not further discord and division, but to start building bridges and fostering harmony so that we can break through the confusion and find a way forward.

As with all times of change, the most important thing to do in such situations is to find some place of stability on an inner basis in order to counteract what might feel like unfolding chaos around you.  So it’s good to remember that even if we can’t change what’s happening on the outside of us, we can certainly change what’s happening to us internally! And that’s the rule of thumb when coping with upheavals and change and disruption of any kind whatsoever. The answer isn’t outside, but within!  We need to find something which can bring about a sense of peace and calm inside ourselves so that we can think more coherently.  This in turn will help us to be less reactive to the situation, more positive, more tolerant and patient, and ultimately, less anxious and confused.

Finding the technique that works for you to bring you back to centre and ground is obviously very individual.  Many of you will already have discovered your own favourite methods which you return to when things get difficult. There are many practices to choose from, but to my mind, one of the best techniques to use is EFT. This a) helps you to address the anxiety and bring down the level of intensity which prevents you from experiencing the stability you wish to find; and b) then allows you to increase the positive thoughts and mood that will help to carry you through the crisis/difficulty/problem and out the other side.

If you have an Energy EFT practitioner near you, I would encourage you to have a session or two to help you through whatever   you may be going through – whether it’s distress about the aftermath of the Referendum, or something else entirely.  You can find a list of practitioners throughout the UK and globally at :  And if you can’t find anyone in your neck of the woods, I’m happy to work with you by Skype which can be a very flexible way of receiving help. If this appeals, please feel free to contact me and we can have a chat about how and when.

Alternatively – or in the meantime –  do consider working with the HeartMath Breath which is something I’ve often suggested in the past. This is a simple breathing method that is foccussed on the heart. This is the area of our being  which emanates the most powerful energy field from our bodies.  Yes! The energy of the heart is more powerful even than the energy field of the brain!  This has now been measured scientifically and you’ll find further information about research and HeartMath on :

This breathing technique, when practiced regularly will bring about a resonance and coherence throughout your entire physical/emotional/spiritual being which means that the whole body/mind system calms and starts to integrate, thereby  bringing about a greater sense of peace and well-being.  Here’s how you do it:

Place one or both hands over your heart and as you breathe in deeply, think of yourself breathing in through the heart. Do the same thing as you breathe out.  Try to breathe a little more deeply than normal (HeartMath generally recommends you breathe in for about 5-6 seconds and breathe out for 5-6 seconds.  But if this is uncomfortable or not possible, then do it at your own pace.)  The important thing to do is to do it slowly. As you practice, you’ll find you  can establish your own natural rhythm. 

Do this for about 5 minutes to begin with.  As you practice, you will be able to do it for longer. Many people find this is an extremely beneficial technique to do at the beginning and ending of each day.  You can also do it at any time when you notice you have been triggered into a stress response for one reason or another.  It’s a simple, easy way to bring yourself back to centre, become more grounded and regain a sense of well-being.

I hope this helps.  Meantime remember:  This, too,  must pass!


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