There’s an important announcement at the end of this Blog, so do please read through to the end!

I’ve just spent five days virtually incarcerated in my flat whilst I hosted two workshops being taught here by my EFT teacher, Sandra Hillawi. Two weeks earlier, I’d spent three days glued to my laptop while she taught an EFT Master Practitioner training by Skype.  So I‘ve done an awful lot of trainings this month and I’m proud to tell you that I’m now an EFT Master Practitioner, and an EmoTrance Master Practitioner and have also updated my training as a Meridian Energy Trainer!

Those of you who know about EFT will be aware that it’s all about moving the energy of blocked emotions via a tapping sequence which links into the energy pathways of the meridian system. We focus on how the emotions around a particular issue make us feel, and go through a tapping sequence as we voice our feelings about it.  The intensity around the emotions begins to decrease and after a few rounds of the sequence, the difficulty can begin to fade, our attitudes can change and our thoughts around the issue can begin to lighten up.

EmoTrance doesn’t use tapping.  Instead, you think about an issue and notice where you feel it in your body (e.g. “when I they told me I was fired, I felt as if I’d been punched in the guts”). You then simply think about the area of your body where you feel that “punched in the guts” feeling and gently encourage it to soften and flow and move out of you.  Again, as this happens, the intensity of your feelings can lessen after which you can start to feel differently about the problem.

EFT and EmoTrance work together seamlessly and both techniques are used in my EFT sessions.

Dealing with our emotions is all about moving energy. You see, every time we experience an emotion (which in and of itself is only energy – as are our thoughts and memories!), it influences the biochemistry of the body. Scientific research has shown that fear and anxiety trigger the release of particular hormones called Adrenaline and Cortisol into the bloodstream which then send stress signals flowing throughout the entire body thus negatively impacting upon all the physical organs and systems. Small wonder that stress can heighten blood pressure, cause digestive difficulties and heart problems – not to mention many other symptoms!

Conversely, feelings of peace, love, joy, happiness and relaxation trigger a completely different set of hormones which are called Endorphins. These are released into the body when we think happy thoughts, thereby creating a healing and soothing effect and giving a sense of well-being.

Emotions are energies which, in a balanced state, flow in, through and out of us all the time. However problems arise when this doesn’t happen and instead, these energies can get stuck. This can occur because of one of two reasons which are :

  • We deny the existence of the problem and try to shut it out
  • We don’t know how to deal with the problem and become resigned to having it!

Holding onto negative emotions or limiting beliefs – or indeed, any emotional problem – means that the whole energy system will eventually become negatively affected if the problem isn’t resolved or diminished. EFT and EmoTrance help you to focus on the energy of your problems and issues, and one by one, encourage them to flow through you and out of you again, thereby diminishing – and in many cases – releasing, the problem completely.  This then gives you the opportunity to move on in your life and enjoy less stress and unease.

As far as physical problems are concerned, it’s important to note that emotional factors often underlie physical symptoms. Working with the emotions in these cases may therefore help to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Sessions using EFT and EmoTrance make for a fascinating procedure for both the client and the practitioner.  It’s nothing like the traditional “talking therapies” of psychotherapy and counselling and it’s much more like teamwork – the team being the client and the practitioner.  Working with the energy of problems can often dissolve them surprisingly quickly and open a person up to fresh views and transformational insights in a unique and interesting way.  My EFT/EmoTrance  sessions are available either in person or by Skype – so do please contact me if you are interested or visit my website for further information at:


Those of you who read my Blog last month may remember I mentioned I’d had a lot of ups and downs last year and had had to make some difficult decisions.  Well one of those decisions was about whether to remain living in London or to move out to another area completely.

After much deliberation and meditation on this issue, I have finally decided to sell my flat and move to Norwich where I have a number of friends and some family not far away. The flat will be going on the market in mid-March and I’m envisaging that I will probably move up to Norwich some time in the summer or early autumn.

BUT THIS ISN’T GOODBYE!  For I fully intend continuing to see those of you who come to me for EFT/EmoTrance by using  Skype (which works beautifully for those therapies). I am also hoping to find a convenient therapy room in London which I can use one day a month which will allow me to continue seeing some of my Reiki clients and those who come to me for my special 3-hour sessions which incorporate a weave of all the modalities I practice.

I am currently looking around for the right therapy room somewhere relatively central, so if any of you know of a suitable place, do please let me know.  I am also open to returning to London occasionally to teach workshops and trainings, so again, if any of you know of a reasonably priced venue, or if you have a space in your home which you feel would be suitable and would be willing to make it available to me from time to time, do please contact me as soon as possible!

As you might imagine, this will be a big wrench as I love my flat and its location but the years encroach and the time has come to have a somewhat easier working life and slowly move towards retirement of a sort. Selling my flat will allow this to happen.  I’m looking forward to the new energy that will come from such a change and will be tapping for a smooth move and a happy new home!

I’ll keep you posted about how this is unfolding.  Meanwhile, everything continues as per normal so I shall look forward to seeing some of you when you come to me for sessions or for the Workshops and Trainings I am planning to teach in London in the near future.


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