“You may have made some mistakes and you may not be where you want to be, but that’s got nothing to do with your future” – Zig Zigler, Motivational Coach

Looking back over the past year there’s no doubt that 2014 was rather a fragmented one for me – full of stops and starts, disruptions, challenges, new opportunities and difficult decisions. There’ve been a lot of hurdles to jump and sometimes a race to get things done. It hasn’t all been bad, though. At times, abundance seemed to pour into my life and blessings appeared along with unexpectedly wonderful events. Contentment also flowed – as did a sense of peace and harmony and being at one with myself and the world. But it came and it went, and it seemed that as soon as I was over one hurdle and able to feel a sense of ease and relief, another challenge appeared on the horizon!

The Chinese Year of the Horse certainly put me through my paces. Sometimes it’s felt like a race against time as things would unfold so quickly and I would be scrambling along trying to keep up with them. Thankfully we’ll soon have a change of speed when the Year of the Goat comes in on February 19th. The Goat’s qualities are all about peace and nurturing as well as harmonious co-creation and tranquillity. Sounds like something we can all look forward to, doesn’t it?

Looking back, I see now that 2014 gave me some major lessons in learning to let go. I came to a point where I had to face reality and make a decision about my future. It wasn’t easy – and the final decision meant that at first, I put myself through a fair amount of criticism, because I felt that if I had perhaps managed things differently in the past, maybe I wouldn’t have to take the route I am planning to take now.

I did a lot of tapping to get me through this with the result that I was able to let go and accept what it was necessary to do. And with that came a sense of relief, and a greater ability now to look towards the future and make new plans and start to get excited about the changes that will result.

The end of one year and the beginning of the next is always a good time for time for reflection over the past months and the formulation of plans and ideas for the New Year. However, if you’re doing a retrospective assessment, it’s very important to be aware of any feelings of disappointment within yourself if, like me, you feel you haven’t achieved all the things you had aspired to this year.

In situations like the one I’ve described above, using some Positive EFT tapping is a wonderful way of shifting your viewpoint and getting yourself to a platform which allows you to think more clearly and begin to see a way forward. One of my students on the Positive EFT Course I taught last Sunday said: “It’s wonderful to know I really can manage difficult feelings when they come up. It’s a great way of feeling my energy and experiencing it changing for the better”. And somebody else commented: “(Positive EFT) gave me some stepping stones to a simplified approach of solving things.”

The traditional EFT tapping is wonderful, too, for getting to the root of things. Using this technique allows you to really let go of memories, beliefs and attitudes which have been holding you back. One EFT client who worked with me using this method said: “It’s amazing to find that anxieties that you have had for years have just disappeared, and all through using a simple technique that is easy to learn and practice”. Many people have found how incredibly helpful EFT can be. It’s helped them to let go and move on – just like this lady who said: “EFT definitely helped me work through some of the difficult issues I’ve been dealing with”.

It’s easy to blame yourself for any bad decisions you’ve made, or for missed opportunities or the lack of energy/foresight/understanding etc. that might have eluded you at various times in the past. But giving yourself a hard time, and criticising yourself for how you’ve behaved or what you did or didn’t do isn’t going to make you feel any better about yourself, nor is it going to help prevent you from repeating the same mistakes in the future.

EFT helps us to de-stress ourselves about difficult situations and also to work through and dissolve unskilful ways of being. Once you’ve done that, giving yourself some kindness and compassion comes more easily. You can then begin to understand that you’re not the wimp you thought you were but that you simply reacted as you did because of your past experience. Suddenly, you’re more able to acknowledge all those good qualities that you possess and furthermore, by doing so, you can begin to let go of past grievances and resentment and forgive yourself – and others! In this way, as you begin to see what you’ve achieved for yourself despite setbacks and difficulties, you find yourself with the impetus to move forward and start feeling so much better about yourself.

Then what unfolds is the ability to look back over the past with a kinder and more compassionate form of reflection in which you may begin to see some of the hidden patterns in everything that comes into your life. You might also begin to realise the truth in the old adage that, in the long run, everything usually works out for the best. And when you start believing that, miracles can happen!!


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