As many of you know, in the Chinese system of Astrology, each new year is ruled by one of 12 different animals (monkey, tiger, rooster, rabbit, dog, dragon, pig, snake, horse, rat, ox and sheep) which rotate in a specific order annually, and certain attributes of these animals are said to be found in the personalities of those born under those particular signs. Chinese astrology is based on their own understanding of astronomy as well as the concept of Yin and Yang which was developed by them. (Yin/Yang sees all opposite or contrary forces as interconnected and therefore complementary i.e. you can’t have day without night, or rest without activity). This astrological system also incorporates the principles of the five elements (metal, water, wood, fire and earth) and these elements are woven into the overall personality interpretation of each person according to the date and time they were born.

2014 is the Year of the Horse and it’s influenced by the element of fire.

The reason I’m telling you all this is that the Chinese say you should be ready to act fast in a Horse year.  But they also say that if you’re not 100% sure about a decision you may be trying to make – don’t do it! Events can move so fast in a Horse year, you could find yourself galloping off in the wrong direction!! If this is the case, the overall caution is to take a firm hold of the reins to ensure that you’re not carried away by a horse that’s bolted!  

All of which leads me to ask whether you and this astrological horse are currently in tune and moving in harmony or whether it’s running away with you?

Speaking personally, I feel I’m presently rather more influenced by the latter than the former. I am finding that this year has already packed in too many events (with more on the horizon) of various types in the space of three short months with the result that I’m having to very consciously employ tactics to help me to slow down the pace somewhat so I can keep track of where I am.  And the best way of doing that is to ground, centre, come into my body and BREATHE!!!.

It’s very easy to get totally caught up in what’s going on your head when all around you is shifting and changing and causing uncertainty. The mind tends to chatter endlessly and clog up our thinking processes with too many ifs, buts, and maybes anyway, so if circumstances conspire to make it overwork, all the more reason to rein it in, slow down and give yourself some much-needed space. 

The first thing to do therefore is to become aware of what’s happening to you. Then, if you find you’re being swept along by events so fast you’re not entirely sure where you are, notice what else may be happening to you as a result.  For example, your sleep patterns may be affected; you may not be eating as healthily as you could (and you might be eating too fast and mindlessly as well!); and you almost certainly won’t find yourself as focussed or clear-thinking as you’d like to be.

The next thing to do is, having come into awareness of ‘being on a runaway horse’, know that you have the POWER to rein it in. How? The quickest and easiest way is to come into your body by using the HeartMath breath I taught you a couple of months ago –i.e. Sit, stop, place your hands on your heart, and imagine that you’re breathing in and out through your heart. Do this for at least five minutes.  As you do so, you’ll find your breathing slowing down and with it you’ll begin to notice a quietening of your mind as well. This technique brings you home to your body and can work amazingly quickly. And it does you a power of good because it helps prevent your body producing too much of the hormone cortisol, which means that you’ re actively relieving your body of stress  and bringing your entire energy system into a greater state of balance.  Stay with practicing the HeartMath breath for as long as you can.  Going to sleep while doing it is good, but practicing it whenever you can during the day is also wondrously beneficial. It doesn’t matter if you only do it for 5 minutes at a time, JUST DO IT, and do it often!

The HeartMath breath can also lead you seamlessly into meditation (once you’re used to it and start being able to do it pretty easily). If you’re able to do 15-20 minutes meditation per day, that’s great.  But if not, just practice the HeartMath breath as often as you can and notice the benefits it brings.

Another thing you can do to help tame a runaway horse, is, of course, to give yourself Reiki or go to a practitioner for some.  Also – don’t forget to TAP!! Tap on those issues which are charging around your head or overwhelming you, and don’t forget to work on them one by one. And PLEASE don’t stop tapping just because you feel a bit better.  If you haven’t got your issue down to a zero, you’ve basically just swept it under the carpet and it will simply rear up again when you least expect it (or want it)!

Check also whether you’re eating junk or processed food and try to steer yourself back onto a healthier eating plan. If your alcohol and/or caffeine intake has risen, take steps to wean yourself off it – at least for a while – to give your system a rest.  Don’t ever ignore stress because it will interfere with all areas of your life. It can upset your digestive processes and cause gastric discomfort, indigestion and whatever food you eat won’t be absorbed properly by your body – but worst of all, it can make you feel tired and ill.  Also check whether you’re neglecting any part of your life at the moment and if so, take the bit between your teeth and start paying that area some attention. 

Going back to the concept of Yin Yang which I mentioned earlier: always seek to bring a more harmonious relationship of the different elements in your life into being.  Therefore, if you’re racing or champing at the bit, remember you also need to be able to sit in repose; if you’re jumping over hurdles, guide yourself back to finding ways of spending more time on the flat and feeling the earth beneath your feet; and if you feel like you’re swimming against the tide, remind yourself of the need to practice going with the flow, and accept and trust that all will be well.  

Most of you have already learnt a number of self-help techniques either from me, from other teachers or from books you have read. Bear in mind that there isn’t just ONE technique which does EVERYTHING and you often need to employ other techniques which compliment your favourite tried and tested ones. Read my book “Finding the River” www.energyharmonix.wordpress.com/about-my-book/ for learning lots of different ways to help you to cope and manage your energy levels more effectively. And if you feel completely lost and don’t know what to do, don’t be afraid to seek help!   

Remember, every challenge can be a gift but it all depends on how you view it.  As Wayne Dwyer says:  “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.     


About energyharmonix

Energy Therapist, Reiki Master/Practitioner, EFT Master Practitioner, Writer, Member of the UK Reiki Federation, Member of the Guild of Energists (GOE)
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