I’m currently doing loads of clearing out of drawers, cupboards and filing cabinets, not just because spring is in the air and it’s the right time of year to be doing things like this (and oh! how lovely to see those buds, blossoms and new green shoots appearing!), but for another very practical reason as well.  I will shortly be having some damp remedial work done in my flat necessitating much moving of furniture, and also the packing away of many of my files, ornaments, pictures and clothes. I therefore decided that bearing in mind the disruption this was likely to cause, it would be very useful to be able to find things as easily as possible whilst this work was going on. And the best way to do that was to do some mass re-organisation and clutter clearing!

Doing some clearing and spring cleaning is always, of course, a very good thing to do, not just for practical reasons but because of the positive way in which it affects ones energy and the energy of one’s home. Rooms and houses soak up the thoughts and vibrations of those who live in them and all that energy gets embedded in the walls and fabric of the building.  Your home is a receptacle for your thoughts and feelings and therefore reflects your inner state.  In her book “Sacred Space” Denise Lin tells us that homes : “…have a living spirit that is sustained by the reverence and love we hold for them. Without that care, they become inanimate and lifeless….Your home is an evolving, creative being (which) can be your ally or your adversary ….(it)…interfaces with you and through that connection, allows you both to grow….and evolve. … The regard in which you hold your home can rouse an ancient replenishing spirit from the deep to fill your home; this power can heal you in the very centre of your soul and heart”. 

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui works on the understanding that everything around us – both animate and inanimate – is comprised of the energy of the Universe which the Chinese call Chi. Feng Shui teaches you ways of re-organising your  possessions, rooms and furniture in order to  allow the free flow of this universal energy through your home. This facilitates better general health and well-being as well as encouraging good fortune and positive relationships. It’s therefore vital to ensure that the energy in your environment is flowing freely so it can support and nourish you on all levels.

Piles of clutter, even when hidden out of sight in drawers, cupboards and wardrobes, are a natural gathering space for negative energies. And the more negative energy accumulates, the denser the atmosphere in your home will become. Clutter creates stuck energy, which in turn creates chaos in your life and makes you feel disorganised. Physical clutter in the home means mental clutter in the mind. It can make you tired and keep you emotionally bound up with the past. If you feel in a rut, there will be a corresponding stuckness in some part of your home. Clearing it not only clears your outer space but also your inner space as well. Getting rid of clutter will help you open the way for new things, new people and new opportunities to come into your life.

Having a good spring clean and clearing out drawers and cupboards will help to lift the vibrations of Chi in your home and strengthen your own inner energy. You’ll be amazed how much better you’ll feel once you’ve done some chucking out and weeding – and I don’t mean simply feeling smug about having done it!  The miracle is that as you unclog those areas of congestion on an outer level you’re freeing up some junk that’s got stuck inside of you!  And believe me, it’s going to make you feel so much more ENERGISED!!  You’ll feel more aligned and in flow which means your thinking will be clearer, your mood will lift and your immune system will be strengthened. Not bad eh?  So why not give it a go? 

Tackle one area at a time and slowly work your way through all areas of congestion room by room.  Have two lots of black bin bags at the ready. Use one to collect those things which need to be binned and the second one to gather up other things which can go to the charity shop or even be sold on eBay! Take your time to do this but be sure to keep up the momentum until it’s all finished otherwise you’re just re-distributing the clutter and not doing your home or yourself any good energetically. For further information about clutter clearing and creating sacred space read chapters 9 and 10 of my book “Finding the River” available from me directly, through Amazon or direct from the publishers at

The great rule of thumb for clearing stuff out is :  If you don’t love it or use it – LOSE IT!  Here’s some other pointers to help you with clearing and improving the energy flow around your home:

  • Get rid of objects you associate with sadness, negativity or illness
  • Chuck out old magazines and newspapers
  • Go through your medicine cupboard and get rid of any out-of-date pills and potions and throw away old makeup, bath or beauty preparations. Also, discard any food, tins or packets in the kitchen cupboards or fridge which are past their sell-by date.
  • Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in 2-3 years no matter how good and especially if it’s too big or too small. Also clear out the clutter in handbags, and trouser pockets (and while you’re at it – clear out the car as well!)
  • Dispose of unwanted gifts
  • Clear any hats, coats or shoes from the entrance to your house/flat. Your front door is where Chi enters your home and you need to keep it unobstructed. Don’t let any tables in your hall become a general dumping ground for junk for the same reason. Also, make sure that any plants you have in that area are healthy ones. Dead or dying plants in this area will not enhance Chi!!!

And finally, once you’ve cleared out the junk in your home, why not do a detox and clear out your whole system? It’ll do wonders for your energy levels and you’ll feel as light as a feather!


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