A few days ago we had the Spring Equinox which is traditionally seen to usher in Spring, but if you go by outer appearances, our current weather would seem to indicate we’re still in the grips of Winter! 

But look a little closer, and you’ll see late crocuses nestling under trees, daffodils standing up valiantly against the wind and preparing to open, and any amount of little fat buds appearing on shrubs and bushes  Spring is there, hidden behind the frosts, snow, sleet, winds and icy weather. The energies of nature are doing their thing and all is happening according to plan, if a trifle belatedly. 

This time of year is all about sowing new seeds, new life and regeneration. We have Easter coming soon which reminds us that Jesus’ death on the cross and subsequent resurrection symbolises the concept that all endings are actually new beginnings. But within each life are many “little deaths” – a whole series of beginnings and endings of various plans, ideas, and relationships, each one giving rise to yet more possibilities and potential. The end of one thing is the beginning of another. One door shuts and another one opens. Each step of the way, we aim to maintain a forward momentum, though sometimes it seems as though we’re going backwards, or not moving at all. 

When we feel stuck or think that we’re not making any progress, it’s a bit like looking out of the window at the moment and telling yourself it’s still winter instead of noticing the stirring of new Spring life that’s happening underground or hidden by the snows. We can’t always see where we are or what’s going on. And that can feel like nothing’s happening. It can be confusing and scary; it can make us feel helpless and vulnerable; and it can prevent us from believing in ourselves. 

But the truth is, we’re often doing better than we think. 

If you’re trying to make some changes in either your personal or working life, now is a great time to be sowing the seeds of new plans and projects. But remember -transformation takes time and effort, and you’ll rarely see overnight results. Always look to Nature as a guide to how to grow and transform yourself. Newly planted seeds don’t spring up overnight, and early growth is often tender and fragile. A strong healthy plant takes time to grow and can only do so when it’s nurtured by an environment of warm sunlight, water and good soil. 

So it’s good to look and see what kind of environment you are providing for yourself to help nurture your growth and personal development.   

Are you crowded or cramped in your home? Is there a lot of clutter around you? If so, some clutter clearing and space clearing would do wonders energetically to help you move on.

Is your inner world cluttered? Is your mind so full of worries and lists of things to do and endless chatter that you have no inner space? If so, try easing yourself into a meditation practice which appeals to you. Learn to press the pause button and find some peace within. 

Are you your own worst critic? Do you constantly put yourself down? How often do you allow yourself to build negative scenarios about your circumstances and sink into limiting beliefs about your possibilities and potential? If you’re prone to this, try practising self-awareness and watch your thoughts. Every time you find yourself thinking negatively, make a conscious effort to re-frame that thought into a positive one. 

Do you try to find time each day to relax? Are you aware that relaxation allows the inbuilt healing mechanisms of your body to be activated? Did you know that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to be negative when you’re relaxed? Take time to give yourself some time out – even if it’s just for 10 minutes each day. Human beings have natural energy cycles which, if we listen to them, can tell us when to rest and when to be active. Listen to your body and learn to pace yourself. Pushing through tiredness is the path to burn-out and exhaustion. How can you grow and develop if you haven’t got the energy to do so? 

Never underestimate the power of your imagination! Practice holding the vision of what you would like to create for yourself but don’t place conditions on how it should manifest. And don’t let negativity creep in while you’re doing this (e.g. telling yourself it’ll never happen or you won’t be able to do it). Hold the vision of what you want, then release it into the Universe and trust that it will work out in the best possible way for all concerned. 

And finally : If you’re suffering from the lack of sunlight in this long dark winter, spend some time each day tuning into the sun! Just sit quietly in a relaxed but upright position and spend a few moments noticing how your breath moves in and out of the body. This is very centreing and relaxing in and of itself. 

Then conjure up in your mind the sight of the sun high in the sky, beaming down its rays of warmth upon you. Perhaps recall a place where you’ve been on holiday and where there was plenty of sun. Bring that to mind and take yourself back there. And just keep focussing on the sun and opening yourself up to its light. Let it pour into you and fill every part of you. Remember, sunlight is a very active ingredient for growth. If the sun is hidden behind clouds, then bring its benevolent light out in your imagination and turn up the volume of its heat as high as feels comfortable!  Soak up the warmth. Feel yourself relaxing into it and enjoy! You’ll be amazed how much better you feel afterwards!!

You’ll find all of the above techniques (and plenty more besides!) in my book “Finding the River”  “Valuable and encouraging for anyone on the path of healing and spiritual development” – William Bloom


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