My cat Jak hates change. Any disturbance to his routine is met with obvious disapproval and he easily becomes unsettled. He likes the security of things being just so. He’s a creature of habit and prefers living in his comfort zone. Alterations to his diet or environment, visits to the vet or inclement weather are all likely to put him out of sorts, and he reacts either by becoming stressed or bad tempered or seeking out cuddles and reassurance.

Sounds rather like a lot of us human beings, doesn’t it?

Change is difficult for many of us. Generally speaking the average person prefers to maintain the status quo rather than undergo alterations to their lifestyle, choosing to opt for the devil they know rather than that which is new and unfamiliar. Change frequently brings up feelings of insecurity and often provokes a need to try to control the outcome of events in order to bring about the results that we desire .Periods of big change can feel scary, especially when we know we’ve got  to find our way through the shadowy world of uncertainty and the unknown.

We live in unpredictable times what with the economic crisis, global warming, the rising cost of living and the war and unrest in many parts of the world. But in actual fact, we never know how things are going to turn out! Our entire journey through life is ALWAYS full of uncertainties! Life is packed with changes, challenges, twists and turns at every step. But whatever path we tread, we can learn and gain experience along the way – which hopefully leads to inner strength, forming some helpful philosophical views and building up at least a little bit of wisdom!! J  

Our experiences mould us into who we are; they inform our beliefs and become the foundation of the road we ultimately travel. We never know when we set out in life exactly where we’ll end up even though we may be aiming for a particular goal or destination. But it’s OK not to know because when you don’t know, you’ve got an open mind! This gives you a greater ability to be flexible and a desire to be curious. It also gives you more possibility of letting go of judgement  which will then enable you to develop greater understanding and compassion.

Herein lies the wisdom of uncertainty.

Deepak Chopra tells us : “The search for security and certainty is actually an attachment to the known… the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, (and the freedom) from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning. And in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the Universe”.

Note that he describes the unknown as the field of all possibilities. If we could have no preconceived ideas about people or events, no judgement, no rigid attachment to an outcome, we could create a wonderfully fertile ground in which to sow the seeds of infinite possibility.

Make no mistake : dwelling in the wisdom of uncertainty isn’t about focussing on uncertainty. No.  That would simply bring up anxiety, doubt, turmoil and confusion. And it’s not about giving up goals or not making plans either. You can hold an intention to create a desire while at the same time releasing your attachment to it.  As Deepak says: “You don’t give up the intention, and you don’t give up the desire. You give up your attachment to the result”.

The wisdom of uncertainty is about learning to accept uncertainty as the key to staying open to your potential, your intuition, your Higher Self. It’s about learning to be detached. It’s about living in the here and now.

When you’re grounded in the present moment without thought of past or future, you can cope with uncertainty. You can manage it by learning to live in harmony with the ever-changing patterns of daily existence – just doing what you need to do with an open-minded attitude to any results that may come – and simply allowing things to unfold.

Within uncertainty comes the freedom to create whatever you want.   

So, if you’re living through uncertain times at the moment, experiment with TRUSTING that things will develop in ways that will be perfect for your needs right now. Neither waste your energy trying to control events or force outcomes, nor waste time building negative scenarios about the future or regretting the past. Accept the wisdom of uncertainty and welcome the changes it can bring, and all manner of new and exciting things might enter into your life!


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