Many of you will be familiar with the Indian symbol of the Dancing Shiva though some people may not be aware of exactly what he symbolises.

Shiva is one of the Hindu Trinity made up of Shiva (the Destroyer), Brahma (the Creator) and Vishnu, (the Preserver). He symbolises the force which comes to clear the path and tear down old orders so that Brahma is able to create new ones. He is usually depicted balancing on one leg, extending his many arms and dancing within a circle of flames as he brings about the balance in the Universe.

I have a small brass statue of Shiva on my mantelpiece, and the other day, my eye was caught by the sight of the afternoon sun sending shafts of golden light through my window which glinted on the metal and gave the deity a particular vibrancy. And I found myself reflecting on how much of today’s uncertainty mirrors much of what Shiva stands for in terms of the destruction of old forms being torn down in order to make way for the new. Shiva’s dance reminds us that life is all about change, for nothing ever stays the same. In fact, change is the only constant in life!!! We all have ups and downs, beginnings and endings and each shift in fortunes merges into the next.
No matter what your status in life, the challenge of change pervades. On a global scale, we see this illustrated particularly clearly with the way our planet is currently undergoing the most enormous upheavals in terms of climate alteration and crumbling economic structures. But we also know only too well, that change is a constant on an inner level as well, for our major tasks in managing our lives are inevitably centred on the need to cope with whatever personal changes occur for us around health, work, family and relationships.

Generally, we try to stumble through the challenges by using habitual strategies which can be as diverse as lapsing into denial, trying to control events, or looking for solace in our philosophy, beliefs and spiritual life.
However, sometimes the changes are so great that we are knocked off balance. The ground gives way beneath our feet and our habitual resources are tested to the nth degree. At such times, we need more than ever to have some simple and reliable coping skills at our disposal – most especially in terms of being able to manage our emotions and maintain a positive attitude to life.

The trick in all of this, is to get those coping skills in place before you need them , and to be practicing them NOW, so that when difficult times arise you’re not suddenly trying to employ a self-help technique in which you’re not well rehearsed as this may only exacerbate the sense of floundering or feelings of confusion or being disempowered.
Challenges press our buttons, frequently bringing into sharp focus those things we have not done or those areas of ourselves where we feel most vulnerable. Suddenly the knots caused by certain issues we haven’t resolved, or our inability to give awareness to signs we could have been reading earlier, hit us in the face and demand attention. It’s at this point that any available skills we have to ground ourselves and bring us back to centre become the safety net and the means by which we can maintain an ability to cope and retain some sense of safety.

The good news is there really IS an awful lot you can do to help yourself and much of it is quite simple and easy to do. If you’ve learnt the technique, you can use your Reiki to heal and rebalance yourself. Or you can employ EFT to tap away those negative emotions which are plaguing you by day and possibly keeping you awake at night.
You might also be surprised how quickly you can bring yourself into a calmer state of being by using simple visualisations.
To start you off, I’ve created an 8-minute MP3 of a guided meditation called “Creating a Safe Place” which I’m giving way for *FREE* !! It’s a very simple, easy way of taking yourself to a safe inner space, turning on a flow of those feel-good hormones called endorphins, and allowing them to course through your entire physical body and energy system. Endorphins can change your mood and your body chemistry and counteract the stress hormones of adrenalin and cortisol which are so easily triggered by change.

If you’d like to receive this MP3, email me a request at and I’ll send it to you.
As that beauty commercial says: “You’re Worth It!”


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