Thousands of years ago, the Indians, Chinese and Tibetans understood the concept that there’s a connection between the mind and the body which informs and influences our health, mood, sense of well-being – and in fact – EVERYTHING we are!

“You become what you think about” is an ancient tenet  i.e. whatever you focus upon manifests. It’s the absolute basis of the Law of Attraction. If you think you’re not good enough – you won’t be. If you believe you’re going to be successful – you will be. Our thoughts and beliefs can empower or disempower us. And most of us are completely unaware of how much our negative thoughts adversely affect our lives.

In scientific circles, interest in how the mind affects the body is a little bit more – well, er, scientific, as you might expect! However, the mind/body principle  has undergone some very thorough scientific research over the last twenty or so years and has thrown up some hard facts, some of which are now seeping into  mainstream consciousness.

For example : we now know that stress, hostility and depression all affect the immune system adversely. But did you know that many conditions such as heart disease, arthritis and osteoporosis are also linked to stress and negative emotions?

Also, I wonder how many people are aware of the fact that happiness or positive emotions can have a very healing effect upon our health? Such feelings cause the release of endorphins (otherwise known as the feelgood hormones) into the body which flood  through our systems whenever we’re engaged in enjoyable or pleasurable activities.

Interestingly, scientific research has revealed how the body’s response to relaxation not only alleviates symptoms of psychological disorders such as anxiety, but also affects more physical factors like heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen consumption and brain activity.

This goes some way to explain why techniques such as Reiki (which induces great feelings of relaxation,) can be helpful in so many areas and also help to strengthen the immune system!

In the light of this information, it makes sense to find ways of reducing stress, and finding activities that give us pleasure and make us relaxed and happy. So what can we do to help ourselves?

Well, aside from receiving Reiki (or learning it, so we can give Reiki to ourselves), finding ways of releasing those wonderful endorphins into our systems as often as possible is a lot easier than you might think it would be.

“But things are really bad right now” you may say. “How do you expect me to feel happy when I’m surrounded by all this doom and gloom? People are losing their jobs, there’s an economic squeeze happening and there’s no end to it in sight!”

Well, it’s true that we live in difficult times but we don’t have to have a booming economy to be happy. There are  lots of things we can do that can lighten our mood, make us laugh, and relax us, all of which will release endorphins and do a great deal of good to our health and well-being. For instance, laughing will release those endorphins, as will making love, dancing, singing, or being out in nature.

What do you really LOVE? What makes you feel really HAPPY and AT PEACE?  Make a list. Then start thinking about how often you do those things. Frequently? Occasionally? Once in a blue moon?

Pick one of the BEST things on your list and bring it back to mind. Close your eyes and savour it. Take the FEELING of it deep down into your body. Remember where you were and maybe even what you were wearing. Recall what the weather was like. And then just allow your mind to dwell on that for a while, gently basking in the reflection of that very good time.

Then come back and open your eyes. How do you feel? Did you find that just thinking about that thing brought back some of the feelings you had when it actually happened? Good! That means you released some endorphins!!! You became what you thought about. You see? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Make a commitment to ACTIVELY do what you love  or REMEMBER  a time when you were doing it and make this a regular practice. Promise yourself that instead of focussing on things that cause you anxiety, you’ll practice thinking of things that make you HAPPY!!  Do this on the tube, waiting for the bus, standing in the queue at Tescos, walking to work. Make a conscious effort to change those negative thoughts and emotions as they rise up.  You’ll find it’ll make such a big difference to your life and how you view things!


About energyharmonix

Energy Therapist, Reiki Master/Practitioner, EFT Master Practitioner, Writer, Member of the UK Reiki Federation, Member of the Guild of Energists (GOE)
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