Affirmations & Positive Thinking – Why isn’t it working for me?

The other day, one of my Reiki clients mentioned during her session that affirmations never seemed to work for her. Moreover, she went on to say that she was puzzled that despite following all the teachings about abundance thinking and positive thought, she
still didn’t find that she was able to make much headway in terms of manifesting the things she wanted in life.

Do you find the same thing happening to you?

Since the book and film of “The Secret” were released, thousands of people have had their eyes opened to the possibility of lifting their energetic vibration by training themselves to
let go of  negative thought and change their lives for the better. The teachings tell us that we live in a benevolent Universe which gives us those things upon which we place most focus.

But here’s the rub! If our focus is mainly upon those things which we see to be lacking in our lives –then we end up in lack! Why? Because the Universe interprets whatever we focus upon as something we desire!!

You see, like attracts like! For example : – if you have a habit of dwelling on the negative, you’re in effect activating a self-fulfilling prophecy which results in attracting more
and more negative events into your life. However, if you focus on the positive (and this includes looking for the positive side of any challenging situation),  the events you experience change for the better and as a result, you begin to attract a flow of abundance and good things to you.

This is of course is  the age old secret of the Law of Attraction. Many thousands of  people  can testify to the fact that this way of  thinking has helped them to manifest many of the things they desire and to reach the goals they have set for themselves. But equally, countless others have found that however hard they try to think positively, it STILL doesn’t seem to make a huge amount of  difference.

Why is this?

Well the other secret which isn’t at all well known is that you can only change your vibration and attract more positive things towards you if you BELIEVE that you can! You see, what happens is  that if your beliefs don’t align with your desires, it totally sabotages your efforts. And when this happens, no matter how many affirmations you make and no matter how hard you try to be positive, those limiting beliefs which reside in the subconscious part of your brain are running another line of thinking entirely. This totally undermines all the positive thinking you’re doing and stops you manifesting what you want. For example, if you start thinking positively about losing weight and going on a new diet but in the back of your mind there’s a little voice saying : “it won’t work”, or “even if it does, it’ll all pile back on again just like it did before” or “I’ve always been overweight – it’s in my genes” etc., etc. all your efforts are likely to be in vain.

So how can you overcome this? Well, the obvious path to take is to work at eradicating those subconscious beliefs so that you can finally shed some of that negative baggage and move ahead in your life.

EFT is an incredibly effective way of helping you with this. It gets to the root causes and can help you to cut through those layers of negative thinking – some of which may have
been around in your mind for most of life! There are details of how to work with it in my book “Finding the River” and you’ll also find a plethora of information on countless posts on the internet. (Google EFT or the Tapping Technique as it also known.  If you’re not getting the results you seek through affirmations and/or trying to engage in a more positive way of looking at things, it’s time to start exploring where you may have limiting beliefs which are drawing you into self sabotage.

Right now is an especially good time to do this because Spring is around the corner. Which means it’s now the perfect time to start formulating those “New Year Resolutions” and get
ready to action them when the Spring Equinox comes in on Sunday March 20th!

To help you understand more about the power of the subconscious, why not have a
look at the link below. It’s a fascinating short video by Bruce Lipton, an internationally
well known cellular biologist who has won much acclaim for bridging science and
spirituality. In this short video he explains the power of the mind clearly and elegantly, putting scientific research into simple terms which can be easily understood by everyone.

Get ready for some mind-blowing information and go to :

You’ll also find information here which can lead you to understanding a lot more about


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