New Year’s resolutions

Here we are in a brand new year and loads of people in every corner of the globe are making New Year resolutions. How about you? Have you made your list? And have you found that alas! you’ve already slipped off the bandwagon?

EFT london NW6Don’t worry. You’re not alone! And this probably isn’t the first year it’s happened either! Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to keep those resolutions when you’ve been so determined that this is the year when you’re finally going to lose those extra
pounds, start learning that new subject, get healthy, save money etc., etc

Well, it’s all to do with ENERGY!

You see, Winter (which lasts roughly from late November through February) pushes you inwards and makes you less inclined to be out and about doing things. And as January falls slap bang in the middle of this period, it’s therefore not a time for doing or taking action. It is, however, a great time for reflection. This is when you can really benefit from looking back over the last 12 months and seeing what you’ve achieved and what you’ve learnt. And when you’ve done that you’re in a much better position to make plans for the future months because you’re building on either what you’ve already done or on what you see you need to do.

The real time for putting those resolutions into action isn’t until SPRING, because that’s when the energy’s rising in Nature and you’ll have far more impetus to help you see through any resolutions you make.

So don’t beat yourself up!  Put those resolutions on the back burner for now and instead look back over 2010 and see what was happening for you. If you need a bit of help, try asking yourself the following questions:

  • When do I feel that my life is most meaningful?
  • What would bring me more happiness than anything  in the world?
  • Have I ever told those who mean most to me how I feel about them?
  • Which of my friendships in the last year was the  most mutually supportive and why?
  • In what ways did I best nourish myself last year?
  • What are my most significant achievements since last New Year?
  • What were my greatest challenges in 2010?
  • What are the biggest mistakes I made this last  year?
  • What can I release from my past by forgiving  myself and/or others?
  • What aspect of myself would I most like to let go of in the coming year?
  • What project or goal, if left undone, will I most  regret next New Year?

Although these questions may appear simple on the surface, they actually provide much food for contemplation. For example, if you can identify the times when life is most
meaningful, ask yourself how often these events occur. Could you have more of them? If so, what prevents this from happening? All in all, your answers to each question can give you plenty to think about and will also help you to understand what’s going on inside of yourself at a deeper level.

If any of these questions brings up a lot of emotion – use EFT and tap on it! It’s a great way for letting go of those limiting beliefs and negative emotions which hold you back and get in the way of progress.


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