Change and transformation

Since those last golden Indian Summer days in October, we’ve been moving towards winter with stealthy changes in temperature and light. Each day it’s got darker earlier. Each day, it’s become a little bit colder.

The trees have now shed most of their leaves, and the garden foliage is dying back. Nature is letting go of her need to produce and flourish and instead begins to withdraw into herself for a much-needed time of rest and reflection. In this way, Autumn signals a natural slide into a time of letting go; a time of change and transformation.

For many of us, change is something we resist because it feels scary. The thought of stepping out into the unknown, or having to do things in a new way rattles our cages. We’d rather stay with the status quo and often feel more at ease continuing to live the life with which we’re familiar  – even though it may not be all that comfortable(!) – than take the plunge and try to make changes (or go with changes). Does this sound familiar? It’s a very good example of that old adage  “Better the devil you know……”

But life is all about change! Nothing grows without going through changes. In fact, the only constant in life is change! If things don’t change – you’re stuck!!!

There’s nothing wrong with feeling anxious about change. It’s a very human reaction. So don’t put yourself down if you’re feeling apprehensive about trying to  get out of old habits or move in a new direction. Likewise, coaxing yourself into letting go of something which may be outmoded or attempting to work through and overcome any baggage you might be carrying can also feel daunting. A little judicious tapping using EFT can soon help you to work through those kind of obstacles to change and some Reiki will help you to deal with whatever stress you may be under. Remember – just WANTING to change is the first step towards making any shifts in your life.

But what do you need to change?  Some of you will already know very clearly what you want to do. For others who are not sure, here’s something you could do to help yourself see where there are imbalances in your life that need to be redressed.

Draw yourself a life pie chart

Take a clean piece of paper and draw on it a circle of about 2-3 inches in diameter. This represents your “life pie”. Then look at the following headings which are the main areas of focus and activity for the average person :


  • WORK
  • PLAY
  • ADVENTURE (i.e. new activities)


Using these headings, allocate a segment of your “pie” to each of them, & draw it on the “pie chart”. But make sure each segment is proportional to the amount of time & focus you give to each area. You’ll almost certainly discover that your “portions” will be of varying sizes, e.g. “work” might be a very large portion and “play” might be very small.

Drawing a life pie helps you to see which areas of your life are taking up most space. Look to see what you could do to rebalance these parts of your life. Spending more time and focus on the smaller and possibly, neglected “portions” and looking to see what you need to do to achieve this will get you started along the road to change and help to bring you towards a greater sense of stability and equilibrium.


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Energy Therapist, Reiki Master/Practitioner, EFT Master Practitioner, Writer, Member of the UK Reiki Federation, Member of the Guild of Energists (GOE)
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