Welcome to Summer

Summer’s here! And many of us are looking forward to our holidays – if we’re not already taking some time off.

Holidays are an extremely good invention, especially if we really make the most of them! Now is the time to give yourself permission to press the ‘pause’ button and take some much-needed space for yourself.

We all have such busy lives these days, and even when we have time off from work, it’s hard to get away from it all. If it isn’t the kids or the family or spouses or partners who need attention, it’s almost impossible to get away from the computer and the technology which is now so much a part of our lives! We still want to check our emails, update information on Facebook (and see what friends are doing), send and receive tweets  etc., etc. , let alone watch TV or spend time on the phone.

But how on earth can we switch off? We’re swamped with media information in some shape or form all the time, the economic climate is putting the squeeze on the whole country and an awful lot of people are feeling challenged and anxious about the future. Stress and pressure are so much a part of life in our culture nowadays. We’ve got fast food, fast travel. We rush around from A-B and are beset by deadlines at work and at home. All this has a knock-on effect on our mental and physical states causing tiredness, chronic fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, and a general weakening of our immune systems.

So, if we’re going to start making a dent in this madness, a holiday is a really great time to start trying out a few ideas to take off the pressure and learn to chill effectively without having to resort to the use of alcohol or any other substance.

Here are five things to help you find space and r-e-l-a-x…

  • Read a good and enjoyable book – one that nourishes and uplifts you.
  • Get lots of fresh air and spend as much time  outdoors as possible. We tend to spend too much time indoors or in offices  which are either stuffy or air-conditioned.
  • Go for walks, or swim, climb, trek, dance or  garden (whatever is most appealing) or do them all if you want!  This is all good exercise and really  helps you to relax to get a good nights’ sleep afterwards.
  • Tap away your stress and problems with Emotional  Freedom Technique  or EFT as it’s  better known. (You can read how to do it in my book Finding the River).
  • Meditate. This is the ultimate ‘pause button’  technique. If you don’t know how to do it,  you can learn the basics in my book “Finding the River”. Or just spend time staring out to sea,  watching sunsets or gazing at beautiful views. They’re all meditational  activities and will connect you back to Nature which is healing in itself.

About energyharmonix

Energy Therapist, Reiki Master/Practitioner, EFT Master Practitioner, Writer, Member of the UK Reiki Federation, Member of the Guild of Energists (GOE)
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