My book launch

Meditation healing bookMy book, Finding the River was published yesterday on  Friday 26th March and, a celebration was naturally in order! So I organised a launch party in honour of the occasion. A number of special friends and family  members were invited and we all spent a very happy time together munching through some rather nice food and toasting the success of the book with champagne. A friend of mine had also baked me the most wonderful cake which she had decorated to look like the front cover of the book. It tasted delicious, too! Chocolate sponge layer cake inside!

I’d ordered some books from the publisher to keep as a small stock for selling to students and clients, but there was a delay in them arriving and I very nearly didn’t have any to put on display for the party! They were finally delivered just two hours before the first guests arrived! Aaargh! I had to do a bit of EFT on myself about that cliff-hanger, I can tell you! Up until the time the books arrived, I hadn’t had sight of the finished article at all. But when I finally held a copy in my hands for the first time, it was a pretty special moment – believe me! I couldn’t stop this huge smile spreading across my face and an uncontrollable chuckle of delighted laughter gurgled up from within me. I did a little dance round the room which was too much for Jak (my cat), who took refuge underneath the sofa! I’ll treasure the memory of holding my first book in my hands for the rest of my life.

Energy therapy bookValuable and encouraging for anyone on the path of healing and spiritual development. William Bloom

Finding the River is available direct from the publishers, Dragon Rising. Also available online from Amazon, or can be ordered from all good bookshops.  ISBN 1-873483-16-3.


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