Hello… I’m Sally Topham and I’m an Energist (Energy Therapist).

I can offer you help through Reiki, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). I’m a Reiki Master/Practitioner, an EFT Master /Practitioner, and also a writer), and my mission is to help you feel better about yourself and your world.

I’ve written a self-help book called Finding the River – The Energy Self-Help Manual for Surviving Life’s Challenges which is an Aladin’s Cave of different techniques discovered and collected over many years of working on myself and helping my clients and students.

I’ve also released a CD of the most popular Meditations & Healing Techniques from the book. More recently, I’ve released another CD called Chakra Meditations – Guided Meditations for Morning and Evening.  Both book and CDs are available at Shop 

The name “Energy Harmonix” describes the synthesis of energy techniques I work with and which I offer either singly or in a blocks of 4 sessions. Single and block session treatments are all of one and a half hours’ duration. See Treatment Prices

In addition, I also offer special 3-hour sessions which comprise a combination of my therapeutic skills woven together in a unique, tailor-made package to suit your individual needs. See Treatment Prices

I will provide you with a warm and compassionate space to be heard without judgement. My therapies, courses and workshops show you ways to re-balance your energies and regain a greater state of well-being through dissolving negative thoughts and patterns. In addition, you’ll be supported through the challenges of change and guided towards developing positive new horizons.

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for your support and belief during a  time that was very challenging for me.  I was so fragile and vulnerable when I first came to you for EFT, and I deeply appreciate your warm compassion and care. What touched me and stayed with me the most was just how much you believed in me and the way you supported me right to the end.  This was a blessing and I thank you for being this way.  It was and is a gift to my soul.” Miss Singh – London

‘I had been suffering from panic attacks and severe anxiety.  Using EFT and EmoTrance, Sally enabled me to gently identify deep seated relationship issues and then to lovingly release blocked emotion in my body.  I am now re-building family relationships in a beautiful way and have learned greater compassion towards myself.’  (Anya, Germany)

“Before I had my first Reiki session, I found it hard to relax around people as I was always tense and feeling uncomfortable. So I booked a session of 4 treatments with Sally to help with these difficulties – and it did just that! The difference I felt was just amazing! Week by week I found myself feeling more and more at ease and relaxed. My sense of clarity and well-being grew, and I just found myself enjoying life and other people more. It was truly wonderful!”(S.A., London

“I just wanted to let you know that those Energy Exercises you gave me work a treat. I do them whenever I’m feeling low and then I feel happier!! They just change my mood almost instantly. Thanks so much for teaching them to me!” Sharon Conarty.

I’d like you to experience a taster of how working with me can help by offering you a FREE guided relaxation technique which can help you to let go of tension and stress and regain a sense of peace and well-being.
Just email me at energyharmonix@gmail.com to receive it and I’ll also send you one of my most recent monthly Newsletters.

To schedule a session or book a place on one of my trainings or workshops, please call me on 07983 125516 or send me an email.